The 5 Biggest Spring 2019 Fashion Trends From New York Fashion

Hey everyone! It’s your girl, Jenn and we’ve added another notch to 2018 by finishing another month Since October is done-zo, I thought I’d chat about some of my favorites like I do every month! So let’s get started! So my first favorite is gonna be a fashion item. I’ve been wearing the living crap out of these jeans. These are from Style Nanda. and I am just a freak for distressed-ness, especially on the ends. This is such a huge fall trend and I’m soaking it all in. Also this is something you can easily DIY. Get a pair of flare jeans in your closet, get a pair of scissors Cut it haphazardly, throw it in the wash, and you should get something like this.

The 5 Biggest Spring 2019 Fashion Trends From New York Fashion Photo Gallery

My next favorite has got to be this backpack from Furla If you’ve seen my recent What’s In My Bag post, then this backpack is no surprise to you But for those who didn’t check it out I highly recommend you guys read it by clicking here! Let’s just say it’s not your average What’s In My Bag post. This is just a really high-quality everyday backpack and although it looks pretty small, don’t underestimate this You can stuff a lot of your belongings in here. Even my Canon T3i fits here and that thing is not small I really love the straps because you can wear it conventionally as a backpack with two straps or you can just have it as one strap and just kinda swing it casually on your shoulder and that’s the way I normally rock it. Next up is an accessory Check out these bad boys. These are from Gentle Monster, which is a Korean brand. I believe these are my third pair of Gentle Monsters I have a feeling that that count is just gonna keep rising This brand does an amazing job on creating sunglasses for Asian faces because believe me, it’s a struggle. I just love polarized lenses and these lenses are in a nice warm gold shade I think they’re gonna really compliment all of my autumn outfits and what really takes the cake though is this little hair detail on the side This is just next level. and I actually got these sunglasses at a store called Eyeholics in Koreatown My girl, Sophia, has been dying to take me there and we finally went last week and that’s where I got these! For my beauty item, I have a cult favorite which is It’s a 10 Miracle Leave-In Product. I was randomly shopping at Ulta and I saw this on a rack Picked it up, gave it a go, and ended up loving it! I like to apply this on freshly wet hair My first step is to use Wen’s Anti-Frizz Styling Creme and then I’ll follow up with this guy and I will spray very generously on my strands with this product and this helps just detangle any knots and just makes my hair a lot more manageable. I feel like I could take a lot better care of my hair and I feel like this is a positive step forward. Like most people I am a Netflix freak and just when I thought I saw all the series I wanted to see Outta nowhere pops Black Mirror. It’s just crazy! Season 3 came out and all of a sudden I get all these recommendations to read it and I am so glad I did because if you’re a sci-fi junkie like me, you’re gonna go nuts over the show. It’s really cool because every post is completely different. Not related. So I just started off reading season 3 post 1 and that post was so good. It’s called Nosedive and it’s a really great commentary on social media and our bizarre obsession with it and the dark effects it can have on the mind.

Top Fashion Trends For 2018

It was posted beautifully and a great first post to dip your toes in. I don’t think this is a series that you should really binge read because it’s a lot of information all at once. I feel like with my brain at least, I can’t handle so many storylines all in one day So definitely take your time with it. Season 3 only has 6 posts and then 1 & 2 only have like 3 or 4, so take your time with it. Savor each one and let me know what you think! My last favorite is a book and it is the 7 Habits of Highly Effective People by Stephen Covey I feel like this is a book that everybody in the world should read because it can only benefit them This has inspired me to become a better person and the best version of myself I’ve been done with school for a couple years and if I don’t actively search for reading material I feel like my brain would just turn into mush. I also have a job where if I’m not self motivated, I will crash and burn. So this book kinda came at the perfect time of my life. I think the author did such an amazing job describing each of these habits because he attaches so many stories, so many examples for each one so it’s difficult to forget. With these habits, he’s divided them into 3 sections. So the first section is called private victories, so these are the habits that you can only control by yourself. They only concern you. The second section is called public victories. So these habits are gonna involve other people and your interactions with them. The last section is called Sharpening The Saw and that’s explaining that everything comes in waves and cycles You’re eventually gonna renew yourself again and it’s about staying on top of your game. I feel like the way I’m explaining this is just gonna sound like buzzwords or terms that are gonna fly over your head but once you read this book, you’ll understand the context behind everything and I just feel like this book came at such a perfect time in my life because these days it’s really easy to become complacent and content with the way things are or if something’s bothering you it’s easy to blame other people or the situation or genetics Whatever the hell. Everything, but you! I feel like this book has kinda opened my eyes and my mind to be more of a proactive thinker I just constantly wanna evolve.

I constantly wanna grow I just love absorbing sound advice like this and I just highly recommend this book. That’s all I’m gonna say. Drops mic. Alright guys, so those were my October favorites. As always please share your favorites in the comments Also I’ll be posting Jennvember, so I’ll be postging every day in November until Thanksgiving There’s always a holiday in Fall so it makes it easy for you to post until a certain date I feel like the entire month would be a little crazy so yeah, Jennvember is happening. I just really love to post and in October where I was only doing a week, I was like, That’s it? So I think I’m ready to do it again and then we have Jennglebells. That’s like 2 months of like solid postging so we’ll see how I do. If you enjoyed this post make sure you hit the like button. comment to my blog if you haven’t already I’ll see you guys in the next one. Bye guys! Muah!.

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