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Hello, and I’m feeling fly. It’s all with the sunny sky. Hey everyone. I’m Abby from LA, and today I’m here with Brooklyn and our extra special guest Abby Smith from the blog Twist Me Pretty. Now, if you guys aren’t familiar with her blog, she does amazing hair tutorials. And today we’re doing a hairstyle we’re calling the alternative braid inspired by one of her viral Pinterest pictures, which is fantastic. And extra bonus for you guys. Abby right now is doing a and on her new YouTube blog. It’s true. hairstyles in days. We’re on day , so make sure to come check it out. And it’s pretty intense, so you guys aren’t going to want to miss anything. That is intense.

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So you guys are extra lucky. You can go check out some of her great stuff. We’ll link her new YouTube blog in our description box below, so be sure and check it out. And let’s get going on the hair. So to begin this hairstyle, you’re gong to part it on one side and you’re going to swoop all the hair over the shoulder. And you’re going to take all of that hair and separate it into two sections. Make sure I have all the hair over I want. So you’re going to separate all of it into two sections. And you’re going to begin twisting inward, So towards the center. You’re going give it a twist here, and a twist here. And you can twist them at the same time, but if you have really thick hair, especially at the beginning of this twist, sometimes that can get hard. Let’s turn you just a little bit that way. So we’ve got the twists. Now you’re going to take your pointer finger, and you’re going to go right through the middle of the twist. You’re just going to work your finger through the hair. And when you’ve got your finger all the way through, then you’re going to split it in half again, but you’ve now split it top to bottom. So you have two different sections of hair. And you’re going to begin twisting them again inward as well. And this one inward. You can kind of go like this after a few minutes when you get it going and just do them at the same time. Once you’ve got these twisted a little ways, you’re going to take that finger again, go through the middle of the sections and re-split the hair. You’re going to try to do it as evenly as possible, but if it’s a little bit off, it doesn’t matter. Go ahead and twist them inward. Push them together, take your pointer finger and go through them again, and re-split the sections. So you’re just kind of messing up the hair as we go along. You’re making it so that you’re not always using the same hair in the same twist. We’re going to twist this again. And then what I’m going to do on this point is I’m going to stop for one second and, before I put my finger through, I’m going to go back and kind of pancake all of this. So I’m just going to pull it, loosen it up, kind of make it messy, because We don’t want it to look too perfect.

We want it to look really full and beautiful. So just grab the edge of a few pieces and go ahead and pull, and you guys are going to think this looks crazy right now, but it looks amazing when you’re done. So just go ahead and fluff and pull. And then we’re going to continue. Give it one more little twist. Put our finger through the middle, separate it, and re-twist. So it’s like now we’re just working into the pattern. Re-twist, put the finger through. Section it, re-twist. This hairstyle’s really easy to do on yourself, which makes it great. And it’s quick. Great second day do, too. Re-twist. And before I go any further, I’m going to go back up here and pull a little more hair out. Make it even fluffier as I go along. Give it the nice texture I want. Go ahead and put the finger through. Re-twist it until you run out of hair. Maybe one more. We’re just about there. So when you get to the end, I’m going to hold those pieces again and just go back, pull it a little bit, and then I’m going to secure with an elastic. And just go back and fluff some more. Tug and fluff. Really make it look fool and beautiful and really messy and pretty. We’re going to finish up. Put the elastic in, and then you can just spray any little flyaways that you need to tuck in. And you have this beautiful alternative braid, because it’s not really a braid. It’s so tricky. Now that we’re all finished, we’re going to give you the final spin so you can see.

I love how you can see it twisting in right there in the back. She does have a few layers. You could bobby pin if they were a problem. But I love this. It just looks so full and I just love that it’s all messy and so pretty. You guys are going to love it. How’d I do, Abby? I think she aced it. What do you guys think? Yes. I think she did. She is the hair ninja, after all. Now, if you guys want to see how to do it yourself, Abby has a tutorial over on her blog on that. Again, you can find the link in the description box below, so go check it out. Come visit me and be friends. That’s right. And we will see you guys next Sunday. Bye, guys. Bye. It’s all right, cause we never stop. We own the night. It’s all right, cause we never stop. Hi. Hi, mommy. Hi, mommy. How’s it going? Baby? Here she is. She’s cute. What does she look like? She looks like all of us. You look cute. Grandma did a good job on your hair. You have no idea. Actually, I do. Brooklyn, what do you think? What? She’s pretty cute. You want us to give her away? No. Give that to your baby sister. Oh, pretty. They picked it out. Say happy birthday. Put it down here. A unicorn. That’s a good pick. Who’s this? Who’s that? Baby. Baby who?

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