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One second! Oh my god, hi! I haven’t seen you in so long. You’re actually really early, but it’s okay. I still gotta get ready, sort out the apartment, but come on in. Make yourself at home, take off your shoes. I know, I have too many. This is Ben. – Hi, nice to finally meet you.

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How are you? Can I get you a drink? Coffee, a snack? – Or how about these? There’s only one way to eat these. Chopsticks! You want some more? Come on, just another one. Come on, it’s good, they’re good for you. Eat it. Here, let me show you the rest of the place. This is the bedroom. I still have to make it though. Do you wanna grab that side and then I’ll do this one? Wait. Do you have Cheeto fingers? Okay, you just hang out there. I’ll finish the rest. You are not helping at all. (squeals) This is way better than making the bed. There, perfect. I can’t believe Ben and I are moving in a week and a half. I’m gonna miss waking up to this view every morning. I love living in downtown LA.

So this is where I get ready every morning. Got the natural light. Put my makeup in this nice vanity and this is my attempt for makeup storage. Wanna help me pick out an eyeshadow? Oh, good choice, Elixir. I think I’m just gonna go for something casual. It’s not like a crazy party, so something subtle. So I’m gonna show you my office and also where I keep the majority of my clothes. I still have no idea what to wear tonight. But I guess I could show you the options. Have a seat. I just feel like I have nothing to wear! Yeah, this is the room where I do some posting. This is like the infamous corner of the room where I do most of my intros. And then this is the other side of the closet that is not perfect, but it works. Alright, what do you think? Is it too much? Should I wear the hat? How about like this? No, hat’s weird, okay. I got this camera. Maybe we’ll just take a bunch of photos of all the outfits and then choose? Nice.

This one’s a little bit more quirky, playful. Like this is my house, I can wear whatever I want! This is the one, I love it. Please tell me you like it. Okay. (sighs) Thank god. Okay, we’ll do like a thinking one. Okay, let’s do a jumping one. Ready? One, two, three. They say a picture is worth 1,000 words. Today we wrote a novel. Oh crap, I forgot I have to post something actually. Do you mind grabbing my camera in the hallway, please? Oh, I always forget to do this. Oh, it’s the camera on the left! Did you find it? Oh, nice! Yep, that’s the one. Thank you. Yeah, do you mind just waiting in the lounge while I do this? It’ll only take like five minutes or so. Hey everyone, it’s your girl Jenn.

Welcome back to my blog. Today’s post is gonna be about wardrobe essentials. These are my favorite things to have in my closet. I kind of rummaged through my wardrobe and picked out ones that were just calling out. So the first item I have is a white (mumbles). Any occasion really. You can wear it layered, open, tucked in, pretty much whatever. Alright guys, thanks so much for reading. If you’d like to support this post.. Oh my god, I haven’t played that game in so long. Like a board and all these little knick knacks. Do you wanna play first while I set this up? Person? Cookie? An alien? You gotta give me something more here. An alien, a root? A disease? A.. Smallpox? Chicken pox? Chicken pox? I got it? Oh, nice! With time to spare.

How about we play another game? Pre-game. Alrighty, here’s your beer. (cheering) Hi! – Hey, what’s up? I’m Stephanie. – Hey, what’s up? Segundo, nice to meet you. – There you go. – No, yeah, that was amazing, exactly what we were talking about. – And there you go. Guys, can I have your attention please? I’d like to do a toast to thank you all for coming. Old friends, new friends. Let’s have a bloody great night. (cheers) You drink beer, right? So you must have played beer pong. Come on, come on. Keep it mighty. You got this! – It’s okay. You’ll do better in flip cup. – Yeah, you’re going down, bro.

I don’t even know you. You’re going down. – [Jenn] Chug, chug, chug, chug, chug, chug! Oh my god! Come on, come on, come on. – [Ben] Come on, come on, here we go, here we go. (cheers) – Yes! – Hey, are you okay? Here, have some water. You should definitely hydrate. Yes, all of it. (cheering) Yeah, that’s good. I’ll grab some more. Whoa, you’re still here? Oh my god, you okay? Last night got pretty crazy. But yeah, you look really tired. Let’s get you home. Bye! Thanks for coming over. Get home safe. (calm music).

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