Hey guys. So for instantly’s publish I am testing out the model new okay’kaw Magnificence bake conceal irrespective of we obtained the concealer the brightening powder, after which the baking powder. So I actually had my alarm set to purchase the tools, after which the alarm not at all went off. So the shade that I wanted has provided out. So I ended up deciding on some shades that I didn’t that weren’t like the very best on my guidelines. Nevertheless I really feel I can nonetheless make them work. So for the concealer I’ve the shade amount 4, after which for the baking powder I’ve the shade -, after which the brighten I’ve the shade three which that’s the shade that I did want. So I’m utterly happy that I obtained it it wasn’t provided out by the purpose that I obtained to it it is sort of a extraordinarily pretty pale yellow shade, and I think about amount two is additional of a pinky shade which I often would use a yellow. Nevertheless for baking I actually really feel like I actually might like this the one issue that I’m a bit like man on is the shade amount 4 I actually really feel like I might need been greater with the shade 5 or 6 since I think about that’s cool tones you guys know I like to do a under-eye that is additional warmth. Nevertheless each method we’re gonna make it work, and take a look at it out instantly.


So only a bit overview on the packaging I really feel it is extremely good I do need it was considerably bit bigger when concealers are considerably bit small it merely I have no idea makes me not want to make use of them as quite a bit I have no idea why I merely type of like as soon as they’ve considerably little little bit of an prolonged packaging. Nevertheless it’s extremely good the standard okay’kaw nude pink I am truly in love with the packaging for the baking powder it’s out there in a acrylic little discipline I truly choose it, and I like the way in which it is not an infinite bundle deal for this one actually since I assume free powders might be type of arduous to retailer. Nevertheless with this it could slot in most organizers, and also you then nonetheless have the standard okay’kaw nude pink, and you have got the shade title on the underside there with the grams, and each little factor that’s out there in it the packaging for the brightening powder is. So stunning I actually just like the acrylic packaging. Nevertheless nonetheless has the underlining okay’kaw conventional nude pink this could be a pretty small type of packaging measurement it’s additional the scale of like a blush, and fewer of a powder. So I already have my foundation carried out, and my eyes, and the brow. So as that we are going to merely think about testing out the beneath eye, and concealing merchandise I’ve heard that numerous persons are actually truly loving this concealer. Nevertheless to be reliable with you I type of didn’t must spoil it I didn’t want to look at that many evaluations. Nevertheless I’ve seen like on Twitter, and like Kim Kardashian tweeted that individuals are loving it you acknowledge what I really feel I’m actually going to contour first just for the sake of the thumb now I really feel I must take a thumbnail the place like I’ve the concealer on. So I really feel I have to contour first to take care of this publish throughout the theme of okay’kaw magnificence I’m gonna use the contour stick.

Nevertheless I’m merely gonna take the shade medium, and do the nostril with that okay by chance I took the darkish shade on the nostril. However it is okay we’re gonna keep on with the darkish shade, and I’m gonna use that throughout the lips taking the medium side I’m gonna put that on my ELF brush, and easily add this as considerably little little bit of a cream bronzer for contour I truly must take the moist, and wild the place’s walnut okay. So let’s go ahead with the concealer I’m truly excited to see the elements on this it merely has an on a regular basis little wand I nonetheless I uncover the packaging to be like a bit too small. Nevertheless we’ll see merely trying to watch similar to the image that she has merely. So I can I have no idea do the an identical type get the an identical vibe this could be a truly delicate shade for me. Nevertheless you acknowledge what I don’t uncover the alternative merely undertone to be too cool like I assumed it is going to be too pinky okay. So I’m gonna combine this out with my 3d HD sponge by Sigma I actually really feel like I did put pretty a bit concealer on. Nevertheless you acknowledge what it’s mixing out truly correctly this shade is hella delicate for me I undoubtedly actually really feel like I might need been good with shade 6 correctly it’s undoubtedly going to brighten that’s for optimistic you acknowledge what it’s mixing out truly truly correctly I actually really feel choose it is large full safety. Nevertheless I put tons on. So I’m unable to tell oh my God look how crazy I look correct now okay I put method an extreme quantity of on you acknowledge what like I will say for the amount that I positioned on it doesn’t look cakey like my pores is not going to be like large enlarged choose it merely appears to be nonetheless flawless I choose to place numerous concealer on anyhow you guys know that I merely uncover it supplies that glam finish to a look I actually am truly liking this concealer. Thus far I actually really feel choose it doesn’t look cakey it appears to be. So so. So like airbrushed, and flawless beneath the eyes although I put tons on like I’m actually shocked by the amount that I positioned on that it appears to be this good cuz I was type of anxious there for a second I was like oh no like did I do an extreme quantity of is it gonna you acknowledge look cakey. Nevertheless no choose it nonetheless appears to be good. So in the event you occur to’re the sort that likes numerous concealer this concealer is gonna be for you on account of you acknowledge you’re you aren’t gonna get that cakiness even in the event you occur to layer it wow I actually truly truly truly like this you acknowledge what it strikes a chord in my memory tons like of the shape tape concealer. So I think about the next step now might be to bake. So I’ve it throughout the shade 2, and I truly similar to the packaging.

So I am merely gonna take among the many baking powder on the once more of my hand, and I’m gonna use the alternative side of the Sigma sponge whoa I’m excited for this cuz the ultimate time I baked beneath the eye was after I attempted I did a publish testing Kim Kardashian’s earlier contour routine just like the distinctive one which leaked like 2012 I’m talking about, and it was. Quite a bit pleasing on account of I actually truly favored it that’s the closing of my bit is not going to know that’s not the ultimate one large man correct. Nevertheless anyhow what I’m saying is that it’s rang a bell in my memory of I’m utterly happy that she received right here out with a I don’t must put an extreme quantity of up proper right here only a bit bit I’m utterly happy that she received right here out with like a tools cuz I’m actually liking it. Thus far okay. So I’m gonna let that sit for a few minute or two I don’t must let it sit for too prolonged cuz I merely uncover it I don’t understand it doesn’t like making doesn’t do too good in the event you let it sit too prolonged. So maybe almost a minute or two okay. So it has been a few minute minute half, and I’ll brush this off now I’m curious to see how this powder is on account of I do know there’s completely totally different shades. So that implies that the powders have like a tint to them often like if I was to bake beneath the I’d merely use translucent okay I’m not crazy regarding the baking powder I have no idea I actually really feel like let me get close to you with you guys I have no idea I’m not crazy regarding the baking powder is it am I crazy or am I crazy or does the baking powder have like considerably little little bit of reflecting in it it nearly appears to be choose it has considerably little little bit of like a sheen to it which I’m not feeling that I’m not feeling that, and I actually really feel choose it type of made the beneath eye look type of earlier like I actually really feel like now I look considerably bit aged, and considerably bit cakey oh you guys I am NOT a fan of the baking powder I’m gonna see how I can like restore this maybe I’ll use similar to the sponge, and go over it as a result of it is moist hopefully okay. So I actually really feel like that seems considerably bit greater I an identical to you acknowledge patting it off with a moist Magnificence Blender. So I don’t assume I’m an infinite fan of the baking powder maybe I’ll try it as soon as extra. Nevertheless I have no idea I truly I have no idea I truly did merely did not like that. Nevertheless now we’re gonna take a look at the brightening powder I’ve not at all used this many merchandise beneath the eyes sooner than wow this actually feels. So paper-thin it nearly looks as if air choose it looks as if skinny air you probably can see sugar throughout the background wow this feels extraordinarily skinny. So I have no idea if any of you guys noticed. Nevertheless I didn’t buy any of the devices similar to the tools comes with just because to be reliable I’ve not at all been an infinite fan of the okay’kaw brushes, and devices. So I truly merely didn’t must waste my money I did purchase all these merchandise by myself with my very personal money on account of I’m merely not on their PR guidelines.

So I have no idea I merely didn’t must waste my money on the devices coz I’ve bought the devices before now, and I merely didn’t like them I was a fan of them. Nevertheless I do know that this comes with a brush to utilize for this. So I figured I’m gonna use a brush that I already like usually I’ll use a sponge. Nevertheless to take care of it throughout the theme of look what she makes use of she makes use of a brush. So let’s merely use a brush, and I think about she merely dabs considerably bit like type of correct proper right here just like the place you’d get similar to the darker circles merely to basically help correct oh yeah that’s good I have no idea in the event you occur to guys can see the excellence I like that tons, and it feels truly truly skinny, and clear beneath the eye oh I truly truly like that tons Wow. So up to now I’m an infinite fan of the concealer tools the baking powder I’m shocked by how quite a bit I choose it on account of ever since I’ve used the Tarte type tape choose it is truly arduous for me to hunt out each different concealer that I truly like, and I truly like this one I can see myself using it additional, and additional, and as soon as extra, and as soon as extra solely issue I will say is that the shade is very vibrant. So I really feel I might go ahead, and purchase the shade 5, and 6. So that I can fiddle with it additional just because I do know that this shade is just hella delicate for me. Nevertheless I don’t ideas the tone of this shade like I really feel this was described as cool tone.

So I was like uh I was considerably bit dissatisfied after I purchased it. Nevertheless I was like irrespective of I’ll make it work. Nevertheless I don’t like I don’t uncover it to be pink I assumed it is going to be pinky it’s not it has a really good neutral warmth undertone. So in theme of okay’kaw I’ll bronze up the face, and type of set that cream bronzer with the okay’kaw contour tools the powder one actually it made me assume hmm like what’s the distinction between this powder, and these, and I merely swatch them quickly an infinite distinction this is not as pigmented, and by no means as finely milled as that’s like that may be very pigmented. Nevertheless terribly clear, and intensely finely milled I truly truly like this. So I’ll mix every of those contour shades, and easily bronze up the pores and pores and skin I on a regular basis like to tug considerably little little bit of bronzer on the chest I’ll full up the eyes I’m merely gonna I’m actually using this shaving delicate contour palette now I’m merely going to line I’ve by no means lined my eyes and. So prolonged okay. So I actually really feel like we’re good to go for that now I’m gonna switch on to the lips I will use the NYX pure lip liner, after which I’m gonna take considerably little little bit of Kylie cosmetics birthday go effectively with, and find yourself with considerably little little bit of lower lash mascara I’m gonna find yourself with the glam glow glow Coronary heart alright. In order that’s nearly it you guys for the okay’kaw concealer tools first impressions analysis I hope you guys cherished learning this publish whole I actually am truly truly truly truly impressed like that is fine quality product I’m not impressed with the baking powder. So let’s merely take that out of the equation. Nevertheless other than that I’m truly impressed with these merchandise like I actually really feel like they’re top-notch you acknowledge they aren’t merely good they’re high-quality like I’d give the concealer a steady ten out of ten the powder I observed the time attempt undoubtedly worth my money I’m truly excited that I obtained this I merely want to decide on up the shade 5 or 6 I’m gonna ought to type of choose Four will look very good as quickly as I’ve like a lighter tan it did purchase the okay’kaw, and Mario assortment which I’m previous excited for I merely picked up your full tools assortment all collectively large excited for that I will do a main impressions analysis on that as correctly please don’t forget to comment in the event you occur to aren’t already, and select the bail, and notification icon thingy, and beside the comment button. In an effort to get notified for every single publish that I writing thanks guys. Quite a bit for learning, and naturally I will see you guys in my subsequent publish bye guys.

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