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In a day and age when we can unlock our mobile phones just by looking at them, it seems surprising that there hasn’t been a similarly groundbreaking innovation in cooking. Think about it: the science behind cooking more or less remains the same. Whether it’s conduction, convection or the water bath that is sous vide, we heat—and therefore cook— food from the outside in. That all changes with Miele’s new Dialog oven, which is the fi rst cooking tool to use electromagnetic waves alongside conventional radiant heat to cook food uniformly. It’s named Dialog precisely because it “talks” to the food—it’s in constant communication with what it’s cooking, to the point that you could put a frozen cake into the oven and it’ll defrost and bake it to perfection.

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The easiest way to understand Miele’s Dialog oven is that it’s a hybrid of a conventional oven and a microwave, but infi nitely more sophisticated as it continually measures the amount of energy absorbed and adjusts the settings accordingly. Take, for instance, this mind-boggling demonstration as the brand unveiled the Dialog oven in Berlin. The chefs put a slice of cod into a box of ice, popped it into the oven for eight minutes and the fi sh came out perfectly cooked—but the ice didn’t melt.
This impossible feat was achieved because the oven is able to identify what it’s meant to cook and target that specifi cally. With this dynamic in play, there’s plenty of room for experimentation. Chef Willin Low, the founder of restaurant Wild Rocket, says: “I can potentially make a warm puff pastry with an ice cream centre and even bake it without browning.”
The Dialog oven is also 70 per cent faster than everything else on the market. Case in point: a dish of potatoes au gratin cooks in just 35 minutes, while the time-consuming recipe of pulled pork takes only two hours and 20 minutes. Moreover, the MobileControl function allows you to cook with your smartphone; import your recipe settings to the oven and let Dialog get the cooking done. Even seeing it with our own eyes as we did in Berlin, the genius of the Dialog oven can be hard to comprehend. What’s easy to see, however, is that it’s poised to make cooking easier and more creative. While it won’t be launched in Asia until 2019, it’s fair to say that the future is here. Find out more at revolutionaryexcellence.miele. com/en/dialog-oven

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