Retinoids are the synthetic version of vitamin A, the first generation of which are called Retin-A, and retinol. They have been shown to have fantastic results in treating wrinkles and spotty skin, as they increase the turnover of cell growth and regenerate new skin.


At 07.40, we took it in turns each day to go up to the bridge and receive our day’s work from LJ. The bosun was just leaving when we arrived. Sometimes LJ would just say: Turn to with the bosun, and that would be that: off we would go to work with the crew. Mostly though, our orders were a little more specific, our work requirement a little more precise than that of the crew, so we could be held to account. LJ told us, repeatedly, repeatedly ad nauseum: You have to be able to do every job that a ship has to offer; you have to understand how to do it; you have to understand why it has to be done; you have to have done it; you have to have done it better than any crew-member would bother to do it. This is why I give you all these jobs. It’s for your own good Sometimes, stuck in the dark depths of a filthy tank, knee-deep in oil sludge, blinded by muck and scrabbling in the slimy residue for our boots that had been sucked off into the mire, we struggled to believe it was all for our own good. But that didn’t stop LJ from reciting his daily mantra. We turned to at 08.

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