The Best Vintage Hairstyles

 Blow Dry the hair using the pikand patting method to mould the hair into the desired shape.

Use hairspray to fix the style and sculpt.

Take a circular section of about three inches in diameter, leaving all the rest of the hair out. Secure this section into a ponytail and thread it through a couple of medium sized donuts at the back of the head. Gather all the remaining hair, and secure a ponytail round the donut to create an elongated shape at the back.

Use strong hold hairspray to fix the shape into place.

The Best Vintage Hairstyles Photo Gallery

Blow dry the hair forward and attach a pre-prepared hairpiece of the same texture. Mould the hair into the desired shape using heat and strong hold hairspray to set the shape.

Blow Dry the hair in the desired direction and use hairspray to fix the style into shape. Use red chalk for the colour.

Still trying to reach that hair goal, but just can’t figure out how to fit deep conditioning into your schedule? How about doing it when you’re not so busy – like while you’re asleep. It might sound a little strange and even a little messy, but conditioning while you sleep has been a thing with naturalistas for a while now; with many achieving a head of long healthy tresses to show for it, too. Using the natural heat of your head and the snug insulation of cling film, a shower cap or a plastic bag, you can give your hair the at-home, slow cooker version of a fancy in-salon steam treatment. Here’s a guide to how you give your hair a midnight treat.

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