The Bubble Hawk Hairstyles

Why hi guys, it’s Abby from LA. And today I’m gonna show you how to do the hairstyle the Bubble Hawk. Now when it comes to hairstyles I always get three major requests. Quick, easy and you can do it on yourself. And this style hits all three. It’s one of my favorites. I love it, I just love the way it looks and it’s simple. So, before we do that, be sure you guys come back on Tuesday, because we are going to be doing a (imitates drum roll) giveaway! We haven’t done one over here on CGH forever and we just hit four million commentrs. There’s four million of you guys, that’s awesome. So we’re gonna do a giveaway. And also, just so you’re aware, in March we will be attending CVX. We’ve had some of you ask, so if you’re interested in seeing us there, be sure to check the link in the description box below. Now, on to the Bubble Hawk.

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So to begin this hairstyle, you can see that I’ve started with a pompadour in the front or a little poof. That I’ve just bobby pinned into place. Now I’m going to take from about eyebrow to eyebrow, like the tips of your eyebrows up. I’m gonna just scoop up some hair and scoop it back. And it’s almost going to sit right on top of those bobby pins. You can see I’m just using my fingers to kind of finger comb so that I make sure that there’s no crazy bumps, but I don’t want it too tight against my head, ’cause I want it to look a little softer. I’m using an elastic then to secure that pony tail. Like this. Then I’m gonna go down about an inch and scoop up another section of hair. And comb it with my finger. Make sure again that there’s no crazy bumps. And then secure with an elastic. And we’re going to repeat that process all the way down to the nape of our neck. Now when I get to this point, what I like to do is go back and you find that first little section in between the two elastics. And you’re just gonna tug that, kinda pancake style. You’re just gonna kinda pull and tug, and it’s just gonna puff your hair, until you like it. Go to the next section and repeat. Now at this point, because it’s a little trickier to keep doing this behind your head, I kind of flip my hair to the side like this. Grab my next elastic, go down a couple inches and secure it. And continue to repeat this process down the ponytail.

Now before I add one more here, I’m gonna go up and just puff these, so I make sure I still have enough hair. So you can see I have enough space for one more. And you can see I have layers in my hair, so naturally some of my hair’s gonna pop out. And that’s okay, ’cause it kinda goes with the look of this hairstyle, which is just sort of messy and kind of fun. And then I just flip it back around, kinda give it a tug to the other direction so it lays straight. And you’re good to go. Okay guys, here’s the final spin for the Bubble Hawk. It looks good. Be sure to give this post a thumbs up you guys, And comment to the blog by clicking right here. You can check our out latest posts by clicking the information button right here on the edge of the screen. And we will see you guys next week. Bye guys. Say Mama. No, you can’t play with it.

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