The Corset Braid Hairstyles

Hey guys, it’s Abby from Twist Me Pretty. I am here with Cute Girls Hair Styles to share with you how to get this really pretty corset braid. It’s like a combined waterfall. Anyway, I hope you enjoy this tutorial. Please comment below to see CGH if you haven’t already. You can find me over at Twist me Pretty and let’s get started! Take a section of hair from the front and we’re just gonna be doing a basic waterfall braid, start by dividing the hair into three equal sections, and you’re gonna braid the top strand over the middle, then the bottom stand over the middle. This is where we’re gonna switch it up a little bit. Take the new middle strand, under the top strand and clip it back using the claw or whatever you have. Then replace that strand with some new hair from behind.

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Gather a new section of hair, and then cross the new section over the middle and then we are going to repeat. Add new hair to the bottom strand, as if you were doing a regular French braid, and then continue on by simply dropping that middle section and replacing it with the new one. And that’s your waterfall braid, so when you reach about your ears, you’re just gonna finish it off with a regular three strand braid, and then tie it up with a clear elastic. Next we’re gonna gather section through the other side and split it into three equal sections. We’re just gonna be doing a regular French braid. So the bottom strand goes over the middle, and then the top strand goes over the middle. We’re gonna add in a new section of new to the bottom, braid it over the middle and now, we’re gonna be incorporating those sections from the waterfall braid. Take your first dropped section, add it to the top section of your French braid, and braid it over the middle. You can either add in new sections on the bottom, to make it a true French braid, or I’m actually turning mine into a lace braid. Keep adding in those sections of hair from the waterfall braid, and you run out to the three strand and tie it off! If you wanted to leave some of your hair down with some pretty curls or something, you could definitely wear it like this.

But my favorite in the summer especially in the summer, is to throw it up in a bun. I like to have my elastic on my right wrist and I pull my hair most of the way through. You wanna make sure to leave out the ends and then twist the elastic and wrap around the bun. Then twist the elastic and wrap it around the bun one more time, and then just fluff it out. I like to add two bobby-pins to really get the shape that I want, and then you’re done! What do you guys think? Do you love it? I hope you guys enjoyed today’s post, if you did, make sure to come on over to my blog, it’s Twist Me Pretty. I’ll leave the link in the description box, so go down there, find it, come on over and say “hi”. I would love to hear from you and then, yeah, you can find the post that I did a couple weeks ago, just in this little information box up here, and we’ll see you guys in a couple weeks for a new tutorial. Bye!.

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