The Eyezone Massager


Forget cucumber slices. The Eyezone Massager by Opal London has perforated glasses that use infrared light for pressure point massage to de-stress tired eyes. It also uses pinhole therapy that employs focused illumination to relax the retina, allowing you to see clearly without effort and a magnetic technique that helps increase blood circulation around the eyes. Website:

The Eyezone Massager Photo Gallery

They did their best to be entertaining; they worked hard at it and had to be admired, telling us how handsome we were, how rich we must be, how clever we were, how much I looked like David McCullum, how John looked like Dean Martin, how Barry looked like Sean Connery. We laughed and were easily flattered and bought them drinks. We carried on feeding the jukebox and danced to Diana Ross and the Supremes and whoever else came on. The mama-san placed a continued flow of fresh bottles of Anchor in front of us; new ones instantly appeared when the level fell below the label. We decamped to a table in the corner where the girls hugged us and stroked us and told us we were so funny and so handsome and so clever and took our money for the juke-box and took our money for their drinks and took our money for tips. At 11.00 p.m., we said our goodbyes. They laughed and twittered and begged us to stay and we promised to come back and we left much poorer and walked to the harbourfront to find a taxi.

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