The Good Not So Good Days

Happy Friday, you guys! I am currently in my gym wear because I am heading to the gym! Gonna pump some iron Go on the Stair Master I’m not bringing the camera because you’re not allowed to. Feeling pretty pumped because I just uploaded my What Would Jenn Wear post #11. Go and check it out! I worked really hard on it and it’s one of my favorite series! Alrighty you guys, I’m back from the gym and another day another asian salad I know my life is riveting.

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What do you think? Looks nice. So Ben and I are on our way back home after a shopping trip in Silverlake. It was good for me. I don’t usually find anything I like or if I like something they don’t have my size or something that doesn’t fit. But today I was lucky! I got 3 items. A jumper and 2 t shirts. So good! You look very handsome in them. I approve. Thank you! And I got two bowls! Whoo. They’re nice! They’re nice bowls. I’ll show you when we get home. Currently I’m driving to my parent’s house to visit my mom. My drivers license came today so I’m really excited to see how the photo came out. I’m honestly not feeling the best cos I’m a little hungover. I had a little too many drinks last night. I think I had 3 or 4.

A couple of years ago I was able to pound the drinks down and be fine the next day So getting older does take a toll on the drinking recovery process so… BLEGH. I am just gonna truck along to my parents’ house in this traffic. Even though I don’t know why there’s traffic on Saturday. We have kimchi stew and then a plate of assorted veggies and chicken. Hello! Hi! We are walking just around the block getting some exercise in. Exercise!~ I look like a lion. Hi! Happy Sunday. Soph and I are at Playa Vista reading the dudes play soccer. Oh my god! Don’t litter, folks! Keeping the parks clean. Thanks Soph. We just went to the store. This is our snack haul. Chex Mix, Munchies, Ruffles, Reeses and Take 5! I’ve never had that before. This is their first league? It’s the first game so it’s more of a warm up. No points counted. They’re all winners in the end.

Go Ben! Good game! Thank you! We won 5 to 2! God, it’s so hot though! We were sweating 30 seconds in! But it was good fun! Hey guys! Welcome back! It is Monday! I thought I’d fill you in in let you know that today I’ll just be editing Jenntember #2. Like literally the entire day I’ll just be editing so unfortunately there’s not too much footage today, so yeah! Thought I’d inform you so I’ll see you tomorrow, unless something surprisingly awesome happens today! I’m back at home! Unfortunately I’m not having the best day. I feel like there’s been little cloud over my head all day But to be honest, it’s #1 because I’m coming down with a cold. My throat is very scratchy. And #2 I’m on my period and when I’m on my rag, I’m not THAT fun of a person. It’s more of a rollercoaster. I’m happy, sad, emotional, ecstatic, angry for no reason. I’m just a ball of emotions today. Normally I wouldn’t post on a day like this, but it is JENNTEMBER and you will experience different emotions from me. Today I also uploaded my Spend The Day With Me! You can read that post over here. Yes, it’s a sponsored post, but I worked really really hard on it. I know a lot of guys don’t like sponsored content, but is my career so I do take opportunities like this especially knowing that isn’t forever so I need to be smart with my time. And if I enjoy the brand and I enjoy the products and I can make some money of it? I don’t think I should be crucified for that. I think when I’m uploading sponsored content I feel a knot in my stomach cos I don’t know how you guys are gonna take it. Just know I’m trying and I’m working as hard as I can. Alright now I’m gonna continue editing my post and hopefully my mood will improve Talk to you guys in a bit! Wait, what day is it? Yeah, oh my god.

Hi! Today is Wednesday. I’m on my way to pick up Sophia cos we’re doing a collaboration with David So here on . We’re gonna be apart of his Carpool Confession series. It’s gonna be a really candid conversation about whatever we decide to talk about! Oh my god, this bus is way too close to me. I’m on my way to pick her up and yeah! I’m really excited. We’re just gonna drive around, have a little chat and then have some food after. So complaints here! You guys! This feast is INSANE! Alright, Cheeeeeseeese! And that’s how I make a thumbnail! You guys, let’s harmonize! Cheeeeese! (off key) I’m back at home. The shoot went super well. I’m excited to see how the posts came out. It’s literally me, Sophia and David just talking in the car and then we got nyengmyun. It was so freaking good. Seriously the best nyengmyun I ever had. For those who don’t know what that dish is, it’s a cold noodle dish that people eat in the summer. But anyway I’m back home now and I got a package in the mail. It’s a book. It’s called 100 Imagined Ancient Love Poems by Daniel Nadler.

I found this because I was randomly on Edward Nortion’s Twitter page. I don’t know how I got there but he tweeted that he just finished this book so I was like, “Huh, it looks pretty interesting.” Yeah, I never thought I’d buy a book of poems. Poetry used to piss me off. I think it was because you had to find the symbolism of every line but now that I don’t have to go to school anymore I can just leisurely read without having to decipher the meaning. I’m just gonna finish things off with work and then tuck into this book. I am ending the post here! If you enjoyed please hit that like button. If you’re not commentd to my blog, please do! I feel like these are basic instructions, but man, it’d really help me out and make me so happy! I’m trying to reach 2 million by the end of the year? Unlikely, but it’s good to set goals. Right now we’re at 1.7 million so… only 300,000 more to go! I hope you have an amazing rest of your day and I’ll see you in the next one! Tooodle loooo!.

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