The intrepid entrepreneur: Nyasha Madavo

‘Juggling a full-time job while launching my own business has been a challenge, but so fulfilling’


Growing up, I was a typical little girl who loved getting dressed up in pretty clothes. I’m sure that’s where my love of fashion started, and it’s as important to me now as it was then. Clothing has the ability to make women look and – more importantly – feel amazing. While I always loved fashion, I pursued a career in finance, which kept me so busy that there wasn’t sadly wasn’t any time for passion projects. I became curious about the idea of owning my own clothing label, though, so when I discovered a friend of mine had a similar dream, we decided to join forces to make it happen. Without a doubt, having a business partner was an enormous help in the beginning, as we really inspired and motivated each other.

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We started by approaching some suppliers and eventually gathered enough stock to host an event showcasing our clothing. We used word of mouth and social media to advertise the event, and it was well-attended. Unfortunately, my business partner and I realised that we had quite different ideas on how to proceed from there, so we chose to amicably part ways. Instead of closing shop, I decided to run with it and make it into what I’d always hoped it to be – an elegant fashion store for women, that lets them express themselves in the best way possible. The fashion industry is fiercely competitive – I had to sacrifice my evenings and weekends to make the business work.

Last year, I finally launched my online clothing store, House of Perle. With a limited budget, I used social media to generate interest in the online store, and it worked! My business has been up and running for over a year, and my clients have told me they love that they can shop from the comfort of their homes. I try to cater for the different needs of all women. Some, for example, prefer trying on the clothes first, so I have included a showroom in my house so that they also have this option available to them. It’s certainly not easy to juggle your own business while you’re working a full-time job, and I have missed out on time with family and friends, which in the beginning wasn’t ideal. But as much as starting my dream business has been challenging, it’s also been very fulfilling. I’m also lucky enough to be surrounded by family and friends who not only offer me support, but give me the honesty needed in order to better my brand. It all started with a dream and I did whatever possible to make it happen. I did it, and so can you!

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