The latest tips on aging

Stay away from the iridescent lights that contain mica. This substance similar to incitazone is evident by filling the wrinkles with thin lines.

Choose permanent matt headlights. The matt and light headlights expand the eye area while the headlamps in bright iridescent colors make the skin shine even in fashion.

The spongy silly applicators sold with compact headlamps should be discarded. Using them does not require a certain mastery, but also contributes to the formation of new lines and wrinkles as they attract the skin. The brush is more useful around the sensitive eye.

Stay away from liquid eyeliner, which is difficult to apply because the skin is getting wrinkled with age. Instead, choose a powder headlamp or pens that are much smoother and more skin-friendly than with a bristle brush.
The eyes in the pit need to be removed. Apply a faint color to the eyebrows of your upper eyelid, from the eyelashes to the eyebrows.

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