The Moment We Knew We Loved Each Other

Our first official date, oh man. He picked me up at like 9:00 in the morning, and I was just like why is he coming to pick me up so early to go to the beach. I wouldn’t quite call it a date. We were calling it more just a hangout. I think I asked him out to brunch. He thought he was friendzoned and that I didn’t have any romantic feelings for him because I’d asked him out to brunch. The moment was August 15th of 2018. We had a drink together and then yeah we just kind of like connected like crazy. I had just put on this body lotion and I was like breaking out in hives everywhere. Meanwhile her ex-boyfriend of a long time sits directly next to us. He actually had a black eye. And I was like oh my God this is so embarrassing and then I walked out and his windshield was exploded so it was destiny. From the start. It was this two week period that escalated faster than any relationship I’ve ever been in. We just got to know each other better and realized we had so much in common.

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And that, in an effort to sound kind of cheesy, we were meant to be together. Within a couple of months or a month or so we were already like living together. Sounds crazy but I guess when you know, you know. Right? After we went to dinner one night and we were in an Uber, and he’s like in the corner of the Uber like this and he’s like I love you. I remember we were just walking down the street and he just said I love you and I said I love you too. It happened really early on that I knew I wanted to marry Olivia. And I think finding someone that is a lot of opposites of you but it just works together you kinda don’t want to let that go. And then it kinda escalated really fast. Everything I love about my wife.. Wow that’s a long answer if you really want me to go through it. Her personality is incredibly gregarious and uplifting and fun. I love the small things he does like his little quirks. He always pushes his glasses up like this. Most importantly we’re best friends. He sees the world in a much different way than I do.

And I think that’s why we’re so compatible. There’s so many things I love about Oscar. He’s fun, lively, he’s extremely loving and generous. What makes us work? I would say communication. Which might seem like an obvious thing but it’s a lot more difficult than a lot of people would imagine. It took a while for me to get there, to express myself. I think I asked Alaia probably every 3 minutes the first few months we were dating if she was OK. And that we just kind of fell in love with each other really easily there was nothing.. It should be easy. The universe drove or whatever but we got lucky that somehow we started and it just went. But I think that I never worried about communicating with you. And we just kind of fell into it. I think we really respect each other for who we are as people. And I think you have to have that. I said that I love that you’re a little crazy.

Great. Which is good there’s never a dull moment that’s for sure. Ever. I was listening to a bit of intense music before our engagement. Try and keep my energy levels up, I was a little distraught that my plan had been foiled by the weather. I said that was the first clue like I knew. But it was only like 5 minutes before so. There were so many more clues she should have known. It was a few months before I actually did it. But we had no moments that were going to be as exciting as doing it lakeside in the French Alps. Just kinda bit my lip and hung out as long as I could and waited out until we could do it in the nicest way possible. What do you see when you look at the other person? Really hot eyebrows. I see Olivia’s giant eyes and huge smile. I don’t know I just see someone I really love. That’s cool too. I see a beautiful, loving man.

I don’t know, just a really special person. Oh thank you. A very unique person. That’s very sweet. Sometimes I see the crazy woman that I’m madly in love with. What do I see when I look at you? Love. Aww that’s so cute. I still see your eyebrows. There’s nothing better than seeing his face at the end of a long day. It’s home. We just love being around each other. It just felt really meant to be. Yeah.

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