The Natural Cereals

For a breakfast cereal, the ready-made dry cereals such as shredded wheat or any other ready-made whole grain cereal can be used. These cereals contain all the nourishment of the whole grain.

Cereals should always be well chewed as an aid to digestion and for this reason it is best that they be eaten dry. However, they combine well with stewed prunes, stewed or raw peaches, stewed or raw apricots, stewed plums, cherries, blueberries, huckleberries, raspberries, and blackberries. If milk is used with the meal, it is best that it be sipped separately. However, if you wish to pour it over the cereal you must make doubly sure that you chew the food thoroughly.

Cooked cereals are soft and pasty and therefore not as easily digested as the ready-made, dry cereals. When eating a cooked cereal, be especially careful to masticate it well, and doubly careful when you add milk to it.

Among the cooked cereals, barley, brown rice, buck wheat groats, millet, steel-cut whole oats, whole corn meal, and cracked wheat cereal are best. Some of these cereals are not as well known as the popular packaged brands, but they build sturdier bones and stronger muscles and are much more enjoyable and of greater value from the standpoint of nutrition.

Wild rice, while expensive, makes a fine breakfast food, and can take the place of cereal. It is an alkaline food, while cereals are acid-producing.

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