The Perfect Every Occasion Ponytail

Hey Everyone Abbey here was what I considered to be the perfect ponytail tutorial I think this ponytail can go everywhere from school to work tonight it’s just perfect. So you’re going to start out by sectioning your hair just above the arches of your eyebrows and go back just past the crown of your head then you want to secure that section of hair with a clip to keep it out of the way next we’re going to brush the rest back into a ponytail that starts adjust underneath where that section is you can go a little bit more sleek if you like a more polished look but.

The Perfect Every Occasion Ponytail Photo Gallery

I prefer going out just a little bit more natural texture just to make this very wearable then let the top down and tease it in sections starting up the front and going toward the back you want the most teasing in the front because if you really load it up in the back it’s going to be very back heavy. So when you look at yourself from the side is going to be highest at the back which isn’t cute. So definitely start at the front and keep it in the front then smooth it down and bring it back and use another ponytail holder to create a ponytail and then I’ll using the tricks from my perky ponytail tutorial and my ponytail wrap tutorial to create a very perky wrapped ponytail and if you want to check those tutorials out they will be in the description box once that’s that I’ll also putting in some little clippies to add extra volume into my hair.

I finished off by using a one-inch iron just to add some curl to the ends of my hair and that is it for your perfect plain all that you can wear anywhere be sure to share a picture with me on Twitter Instagram or Facebook if you try this out and make sure to check out my previous post as well I will see you guys on Thursday with my next post.

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