The Perfect Summertime Graduation Side Braid

Hey Everyone Abbey here with this tutorial on this great side brains it’s perfect for spring and summer and it’s also perfect for those of you that are graduating this spring it looks great with a cap and gown and I just love it. So to get started all you have to do is sweep your hair over to one side the side that you want your brain to be on and then if any layers around your face fall out and you want them to stay there just leave them there but if you have any little pieces in the back that you don’t want to fall out just go ahead and give a little twist to the nape of your neck and that will grab all those little layers and get them securely out of the way just make sure and secure it with a couple of bobby pins.

The Perfect Summertime Graduation Side Braid Photo Gallery

So it doesn’t fall out throughout the day think I have a large section of hair from the front leaving out any bangs that you might have and split that section into three once you’ve got that split into three we’re going to braid under just a couple times to get your braids started and then we’re going to begin incorporating hair to do that you’re going to begin with the section that’s nearest to your face and then you’re going to pick up a small strand of hair and bring that together with the section that’s near your face and then braid both of those pieces of hair underneath then on the other side you’re just going to braid under normally and then we’re going to continue repeating that throughout the hair.

So pick up a strand of hair incorporate it with that piece of hair that’s closest to you and braid it under and then of course on the other side you’re just braiding normally you want to make sure to take nice small clean sections. So there’s a lot of definition in this braid you also want to make sure that there’s a tiny bit of slack on the hair that you’re braiding in. So it’s not super tight because part of this really pretty braid is seeing the hair that’s appropriated into the braid. So you want to keep it a little bit looser you also want to make sure to incorporate as much of the hair from the back as you can that way you’re getting all of the hair into the side rated you don’t have any hair that’s just kind of flying around outside of the braid and then you just continue until you really just can’t bright any more no matter how long your hair is I think it’s going to be pretty even if it’s just a couple little braids once you get to the point that you can’t braid any more just secure it with a band and you are done. So whether you’re wearing this for graduation or to celebrate spring and summer with maybe like a nice little top or spring dress whatever it is I hope you guys loved this definitely send me pictures if you try it out I would love to see I love you guys I’ll see you my next post well bye.

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