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Hi guys welcome to another week of best hairstyles for those who don’t know us my name is Kerry. And this is my daughter Graycie alright this blog is all about learning new.

And different hairstyles. So if this is your first time here we would love for you to comment. And for those who are already commentrs we love you.

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And we thank you. So much for supporting us today we’re going to do a custom style couples ever break. So let’s get started you’re gonna have her hair wet, I put some gel just Tamra flyaways.

And have better grip anything, I mentioned in this post, I’ll leave a link in the description box below you can start the zipper braids diagonally or you can start from the top going back, I’m going to do it from the top going down you’re gonna start right here at the crown area by taking a small section. And you’re going to split this section into three equal parts you have three equal parts you’re gonna take the middle strand right here we’ll go over the left strand okay take those that left strand right here you go over the right strand. So now you’re gonna take the left strand.

And you gotta go. And skip these two by going under okay. And go under.

And have her hold it okay. So now that she’s holding that you guys you have two pieces you need to pick up another third section. So pick up a section now you now you have three sections now you’re gonna take the right section.

And go over the middle. And go under the left. And bring it forward.

And now again you have two strands you got to make the third strand you’re gonna pick up a section right here now you have three strands okay. So now you’re gonna take the left strand go over the middle. And then go under the right strand.

And now you’re gonna have her hold this but you’re gonna trade trade with her. So the first one you’re gonna go under grab it bring it right here into the middle now you have two strands now now you’re gonna pick up another section this will become the third strand you’re gonna take the right strand over the middle under the left. And then bring it forward.

And she’s gonna trade. So she’s gonna hold that. And I want to take this one now, I’m going to take it.

And bring it together with this middle strand you’re gonna have to get another strand. So now you have three strands by taking the Strand here you have three strands this is all repeated now you’re going to take the left strand over the middle under the right bring it over. And she’s gonna swap with you okay by taking this that she was just holding.

And bringing it over. And now you’re going to combine it with this middle line okay. And it’s all repeated all the way down to her neck one more time take a small section.

And that’s acting as the third strand then take this strand. And bring it over under. And then she’s gonna trade with you yet now you’re gonna take this strand.

And now bring it together with the middle strand that’s all there is to it now that, I don’t have anymore to even add you want to grab a little bit on this side over under. And then switch on this side. And again, I’m gonna grab this go over under.

And switch. And just keep adding a little bit more to it here. So over.

And under this switch. And just keep on going while we down you could go ahead. And go all the way down at the end but bruises arms are getting tired which, I’m gonna stop right here you just come back up here.

And just tug on the outside of these an accessory in our hair just to hide that elastic band put a little hairspray. And there you have it final spin, I’m going to show you what it looks like all the way down to the end with my husband’s help. I’ll be right back.

And, I’ll show you here’s the final results of the full ponytail all the way down at the end thank you. So much for reading we hope you find value in this tutorial if there’s a Saturday like a streak leave a comment down below don’t forget to give us a thumbs up. And click the logo below.

So you don’t miss any of our upcoming tutorials watch more of our posts could come in there. And there until next time guys swear it do it. And teach each other’s side.

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