Things That ALWAYS Make You Look Better


What to do on a nightmare morning the kind of day when you look into the mirror and something has gone seriously wrong with your face. Since no one ever knows how or when a bad beauty day will hit, it’s best to have a variety of solutions at your disposal, i.e., different options for different disasters.

Things That ALWAYS Make You Look Better

The best way to turn a bad day around is to do something cardiovascular. Go for a run, fast walk, or swim. Exercise will get rid of the puffiness in your face and open up your pores. It will help energize you for the day and will always make you feel better. Try to go for an aerobic session of twenty-three minutes (the threshold for boosting metabolism), but if you’re short on time, do whatever you can. Even ten minutes will help. If possible, do your activity out-of doors.

It is always good to concentrate on the face. Take five extra minutes to do a moisturizing mask (not a drying clay mask, but a hydrating gel or cream solution) or a scrub.

Another big help is to put extra moisturizer on the face to soften it and plump it up. Remember to give creams and lotions a few minutes to absorb.

Use concealer and tinted moisturizer rather than foundation on a bad beauty day. Foundation can actually accentuate tired skin and appear heavy on the face.

Drinking water helps a lot. Try to drink a liter bottle of spring water in the morning add lemon if that helps you drink more.

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