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Whats up household and mates. That’s Megan Bowen, aka ChoNunMigookSaram. Imnida! And I’m proper right here once more with one different talking publish in entrance of my digital digital camera in my room, baby. I had some buddies simply currently who had buddies from their residence nations come go to them in Korea. And I heard a pair tales of merely their Western buddies complaining or assuming points about Korean people and having a troublesome time. So I believed I would make a publish and share with you a couple of points that numerous abroad people, notably Westerners, could misunderstand about Korea. So that means, when you come, you could possibly be prepared for what you gonna see, and you will have your ideas correct. Yeah. And numerous the uncomfortableness that numerous foreigners experience proper right here, are just because they don’t merely know what’s common proper right here in Korea. So I actually really feel like they’re form of misunderstanding it. They’re holding Koreans to the necessities of people of their residence nation. In spite of everything, among the many points that Korean people do proper right here in Korea, within the occasion that they’ve been to do in America, it may very well be considered terribly rude. And some points that we do in America, if we try to do them in Korea, Korean people will assume that they’ve been terribly rude.

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On account of every On account of every nation and custom has points which may be rude that they assume. Nevertheless then when you go to any individual else’s nation and custom, you possibly can’t look at them to your private custom. So the first tip I offers you with is do not look at one different custom to your private custom, and do not preserve them to the similar necessities you preserve people in your home nation. On account of just because anyone is doing one factor that’s rude your home nation, if it isn’t rude in Korea, then these people are usually not being rude. So notably once you get indignant at them and lash out at them, like one: It merely makes us abroad people look unhealthy. On account of they’re like, What? I’m merely being a conventional Korean in Korea. Why are you getting upset? So it might help with that. So the very very first thing. Wow, there’s a cat hair in my eyeball. Oh God. Did you see them like floating spherical throughout the air? God, they always like get correct in my eyeballs. So the first one, as I mentioned, is that numerous abroad people will assume that Korean people are rude. And that is simply because they do not preserve the door for you. So merely know, once you come proper right here, no individual’s gonna preserve the door for you. I consider I mentioned sooner than in a publish a really very long time up to now After I first acquired right here, I merely assumed the actual individual’s gonna preserve the door. On account of, in America, once you’re close to anyone they often’re sooner than you, they’re always gonna preserve the door. Correct? Besides you’re too far-off. So I was merely strolling. Do-do-do-do-do This explicit individual’s gonna preserve the door. After which, development, smash me in my dang earlier face.

So, they aren’t going to hold the door. It’s merely not one factor that they do of their custom. I have no idea why. They solely don’t, besides you’ve got acquired obtained like a bunch of stuff with you, and in addition you are carrying like a baby and like a suitcase in a single arm. Then any individual’s like, Wow this explicit individual’s carrying fairly loads. Let me open the door. If it isn’t that case, people possibly mustn’t gonna open the door for you. And in order that you already know once you open the door for them, they’re possibly not gonna say thanks for holding it for them. And they also could even take a look at you form of with a confused appear as if, Wow, why is that this explicit individual holding the door? And once you preserve the door, people will merely proceed to come back again out. Shouldn’t be that pleasing? So as soon as I first acquired right here proper right here, I was caught holding the door and like six people went out. After which in the end the actual individual subsequent, I merely closed the door, like of their face, and easily saved going. On account of people merely don’t preserve the door. There may be not a practice of that. And it isn’t considered rude proper right here to not preserve the door for the actual individual behind you. So merely know that. The next one which I hear a number of individuals complaining about is that there is going to be pushing in Korea. Notably once you’re on the subway, and it’s packed, and people are trying to get out, they don’t have to miss they subway stop. They will push you to the side, hunny.

And also you’re merely going to be caught up on the subway partitions like this. Like, What’s going on? So once you guys get off the subway, and there may be a number of individuals, you take your palms like this, and in addition you push everybody out the way in which through which like Moses, and in addition you merely stroll correct on through on account of that’s what they gonna do to you. And as soon as extra, it isn’t considered rude proper right here. I suppose people merely have the understanding that, you already know what, we’re all crowded and caught in proper right here. There is no degree in me having to elucidate to you, Hey, I’m sorry. Can I get by? On account of, merely, there’s not ample time. You form of understand that people are busy, so everybody merely runs alongside their merry means. And on prime of that, if any individual bumps into you, higher than seemingly they aren’t going to say excuse me. And that is on account of, as soon as extra, there’s a number of individuals. Notably once you’re on the subway, favor it is gonna be really crowded. You’re gonna encounter so many people daily. So it’s merely form of this unwritten rule the place you wouldn’t have to worry about saying excuse me. And different individuals aren’t gonna get mad. Like once you encounter any individual, they aren’t gonna get indignant, the least bit. So once you encounter any individual, you wouldn’t have to worry about saying thanks. [excuse me.] You could merely form of switch about your day. Nobody’s gonna get indignant and yell and cuss at you once you by chance, you already know, push them or encounter them. On account of it’s positive to happen. On account of space is restricted, I actually really feel just like the foundations are merely fully completely different. We understand that space is restricted. We gonna be all up on each other. You will encounter numerous people a day, notably once you’re taking the subway. So it’s like, do you should be saying excuse me or thanks, thanks, thanks all day? No. So it’s this understood issue. It isn’t considered rude proper right here, besides you encounter them in an enormous means. Like, within the occasion that they are standing there you journey and fall and like seize them or one factor, then okay. You then say, I’m so sorry about that. However when it’s merely the frequent like bumps and stuff, ain’t no individual gonna say thanks. And they also’re not anticipating you. I suggest, thanks? Ain’t no individual gonna say excuse me. And they also’re not anticipating you to say excuse me each. And having acknowledged that, people will squeeze into tight areas with you, too. I heard a story of any individual being like on the grocery retailer, and there was like a small. Counter. Regardless of that issue is that they put stuff on. Present case? I have no idea.

A shelf with some stuff on it. And different individuals have been have been making an attempt to try it, and there wasn’t ample space. Nevertheless in Korea, personal space is means smaller. So, if that’s the rack proper right here, and there may be people lined up proper right here, and there may be this little tiny space between two people, they’re gonna possibly push as a lot as try to get one factor off of that rack between you. On account of there’s unlikely an enormous sense of personal space. Like form of how now we now have in America. The place it’s like, if that’s any individual, you retain as a minimum only a few toes away. You’re always gonna be. hand-in-hand, shoulder-and-shoulder, butt-to-butt, butt-to-arm, butt-to-shoulder with completely different people On account of that’s merely the way it’s. They will not say excuse me. They are not gonna wait so that you could depart, they’re gonna push their means through, on account of that’s what’s common proper right here. So put collectively your ideas once you’re making an attempt to come back again go to Korea. Okay. So one different means, an enormous one which I’ve heard a number of individuals complain about, and I do know that as of late, notably in America, the topic of weight and also you already know, fast gaming. Fast gaming? Fat shaming and skinny shaming is like this large problem in media, so I do know it’s gonna be a fragile topic. Nevertheless a typical issue which will happen, on account of numerous outlets in Korea are one measurement outlets. So the whole thing will match, like, between a small and probably U.S. medium. Maybe. It depends upon. In my experience when you go into these one-size-fits-all outlets, usually the biggest measurement you’re going to get is probably a U.S. measurement 6. So, should you’re higher than that and in addition you stroll proper right into a retailer, the store clerk could inform you instantly, Hey, I’m sorry, nonetheless we don’t carry your measurement. They may inform you that instantly. And many individuals I do know I’ve heard of have gotten really indignant and offended at that. So what are you saying, that I’m too large? Okay, take heed to me. Preserve your horses. nonetheless proper right here the mentality is a bit fully completely different. I seen how in America we really steer clear of saying points which will offend people even when it’s the actuality. Even typically like if any individual has such as you already know some broccoli of their enamel, like, some people could not inform them that broccoli is of their enamel, on account of they could get a little bit of bit indignant or upset. That custom is simply not proper right here. You most likely have broccoli in your enamel, they’re gonna be like Yo, you’ve got acquired broccoli in your enamel. You got snot in your face. Lips, regardless of, lipstick in your enamel. Your hair is out of whack, your collar is down. Even people you have no idea will come as a lot as you on the highway and restore your collar, notably the earlier girls. Or in case your skirt is simply not tucked within the correct means, earlier girls will merely come as a lot as you and restore your skirt.

So that they’re very very fully completely different about these points. To them, of their mindset, once you go into their retailer, they often can see that you just’re higher than the biggest measurement that they’ve, they inform you instantly, on account of of their ideas they’re saving you time, correct? Korea is a practice of very very like pali-pali fast-fast. People go proper right into a retailer, they’ve one factor they want. They should get in and get out. So once you go in, and the issue that you simply really need or one factor you’ll’t use is there, of their ideas, Hey I’m saving you on paper, so you’ll merely switch on be in your merry means. You wouldn’t have to waste your time in that retailer. I’ve under no circumstances expert that so I have no idea like the way in which it feels, nonetheless I can take into consideration if which were to happen to me, I might actually really feel a little bit of bit injury, too. So I’m merely telling you this so you’ll form of put collectively your ideas and know that’s one factor that happens in Korea. And that’s one factor that’s okay to do in Korea attributable to what I merely outlined to you. It isn’t on account of they’re making an attempt to be suggest or evil. Okay? And the other criticism that I hear heaps of people that go to Korea say is that Koreans are disgusting. They’re just like.disgusting! That made me crack up for an excellent 5 days. And many individuals will assume and say that on account of in Korea, when people sneeze or cough, even throughout the subway, they don’t cowl their mouth. I have no idea what it is. That is the one issue that I’m always like working from people left and correct. And that’s the reason it’s critical for you, notably once you merely catch completely different peoples colds, all through like chilly season, to easily placed on a masks. Cuz if people are sneezing and coughing and by no means masking their palms, honey, I’m making an attempt to be protected. I’m gonna have some Airborne, and I’m gonna have my vitamin C. I have no idea why. They solely cough and sneeze, they often don’t cowl their mouths. I have no idea why. I nonetheless haven’t — I don’t assume I would ever get used to that, nevertheless it certainly happens. They don’t seem to be that large of germaphobes. Even throughout the sense of sharing meals. That’s one other excuse why some people assume, Oh gross. In Korea, you merely share meals with everybody. So people you merely met, there’s a large issue out throughout the heart, and all people can merely form of dip their spoons in.

And notably when you’re consuming positive points like desserts, it’s form of like all people merely dips their very personal spoon in to get the desserts. In some places it is altering though, the place everybody takes it out of the middle and locations it of their little dish, which we identify an eop jeopshi. They put of their eop jeopshi and eat it individually. And alongside the traces of consuming, as soon as they eat, a couple of of them would eat with their mouth open. And we’re taught from a youthful age, notably in America, don’t chew collectively together with your mouth open. Like your grandma yells at you, Don’t chew with you mouth open! Don’t put your elbows on the desk! They’re gonna do that too, by the way in which through which. Nevertheless in Korea people chew with their mouths open. They may communicate to you. They may have like a mouth filled with meals, like [chewing sounds]. And they also’ll merely communicate to you and say one factor to you with a mouthful of meals. And as soon as they’re consuming they make numerous noise. So that they’re going to be like. [slurping sounds].slurping in all places.

Nevertheless in Korea, if any individual’s consuming they often’re making numerous noise, that’s appetizing to completely different people. Totally different people are like, Wow, this explicit individual’s consuming and making that loads noise. It makes me have to eat it too. So that’s why once you watch meals commercials proper right here in Korea people are like. [slurping sounds]., ahhh, omm Like they make numerous noises what they really benefit from one factor on account of it reveals that they really benefit from it. And it makes all people spherical them have to eat and luxuriate in it too. It means the meals’s delicious. And the last word issue that heaps of people that come proper right here uncover gross is that folk share numerous meals. Identical to the side dishes are within the midst of the desk, all people has their chopsticks, they merely dip and dip and dip in. Dippin’ dots. Everyone merely makes use of their very personal chopsticks to get the side dishes. That’s merely one factor that’s been a part of Korean custom perpetually. It comes with their community-oriented-ness. They’re all regarding the neighborhood. Everyone shares. There’s public baths, households reside collectively. That’s merely a part of Korean custom, so I hope it is saved. So which may be — which may be? In order that’s all the points that I’ve for you in the intervening time Merely take note of when you go out of the country, what’s rude, or what’s disgusting ,or what’s mistaken, or what’s unhealthy or offensive in your nation is simply not all of those points out of the country. And don’t forget that points that you just do might also be perceived as disgusting, or gross or mistaken or unhealthy in one other individual’s nation as properly. So when you go someplace, merely try to protect your mindset that hey, I’m going someplace, I’m proper right here. I’ve to be taught their tips. What’s correct and what’s mistaken. As an alternative of merely holding them to your private nation necessities. And don’t be judging them and saying like Yeah, they’re rude, they’re suggest, they’re regardless of. On account of it is just a totally completely different algorithm.

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