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I’m just afraid of what you’re gonna do with your new found assets. A lot of weird things just came to mind. I don’t know maybe I’ll be a lot more confident, I mean I don’t think that confidence is a huge issue for me but I am going to St. Kitts to celebrate my 40th with a ton of friends so I could run around in a tiny bikini. Hi, I’m Sarah and I am at Elite Body Sculpture here to experience the new technology of stem cell fat transfer to my breasts. I live by the 80/20 rule where 80% of the time I’m super healthy, exercise a ton. You know I’ve always just been curious or intrigued of the idea of more of a fuller silhouette I just didn’t want to live with plastic in my body.

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My breasts are currently a size A. I’m hoping to have my breasts a large B. I’ve been keeping my eye on the technology for about 10 years now so it’s been something that’s been released in Austria. Obviously that gets a little bit more complicated when you have to fly to Europe and get things done there. And then heard about Dr. Rollins being kinda the best in the business I immediately called him up. Hi I’m Dr. Aaron Rollins I’m the founder and CEO of Elite Body Sculpture. So what we’re gonna do today is we’re gonna airsculpt out Sarah’s tummy fat and waist fat Our motto is if you can pinch it we can take it, and it’s true. What we’re gonna do is by taking out your waist we’re gonna make it smaller than when you were like 16 or 18 and then we’re gonna take that fat, it’s gonna be in a big canister which you’re gonna see, it’s gonna look a little bit like a mango smoothie from Jamba Juice And then we’re gonna pump that right out of that same canister into her breasts, kind of like a magic wand, we’re gonna just plump up each breast the way she wants it. We wanna bring ‘em in, pick ‘em up a little bit, make them rounder and plumper We’re gonna really accentuate this cleavage. No needle, no scalpel, no stitches. She can go back to work tomorrow. She’s gonna be awake. I think it’ll be the most fun she’s ever had at the doctor. There’s obviously a huge amount of lifestyle changes to contribute to the success of this procedure and so yesterday I had all my guilty pleasures, minus the booze.

I kinda woke up feeling really good after meeting with Dr. Rollins and him walking me through everything and all of the details I felt very confident in his ability to do awesome things. It seems to be you know nothing but 100% results. The party has just started. This is the incision we make, it’s a little puncture hole. It’s the size of a Number 2 pencil lead. This is not a needle, by the way, it’s a skinny tube. It’s got a bunch of holes down the side and it sprays numbing fluid out. So we’re just smoothly and gently taking out her fat. You notice it doesn’t hurt. We’re getting pure yellow stuff out, no blood. We’ve a liter and a half of fat out. It looks like we’re gonna be at around 2 and a half liters. That’s a lot of Sarah. The rest of the procedure’s quite easy, the hard part’s now over. Your pinch level went from about here to, you know, a centimeter.

And your sister can see, it’s really gonna look like that. Different person. Oh my God! That is so crazy. So this is the magic wand I talk about. And when I press this pedal it’s gonna inject the fat itself. You’re gonna lose about 30% of what I put in. And so I purposefully put in about 30% too much. It’s weird that you’re in a surgical outfit and I’m talking to you. Yeah? Not a normal afternoon? Not a normal afternoon. Oh my goodness gracious! Wow! Neat huh? Harper’s I hope you glamorize this. Oh my god! That is insane! K we’re done. Hi! So it’s been 3 weeks? Yes. And how’s it been? You know there was discomfort but other than that it was great. Let’s take a look, we’re gonna do some before and after pictures and you can compare. Ok. The important thing to know is right now you look good.

But 3 months from now, you’re gonna look amazing. So this is only the tip of the iceberg. The next day I was definitely in a bit of discomfort. It just gave me an excuse to do absolutely nothing for 48 hours. I would say I’m a small C, big B. And I was not even an A before. I have this one favorite dress that I loved wearing but I always had to wear kinda like a padded push up bra with it. So now I was able to rock it without it. And it’s sexier than it was before. I kind of just free float in the house a lot now completely naked. So I definitely am a lot more confident. My breasts are actually fine. They’re not tender anymore and the swelling went down. Oh my goodness! This is amazing. What’s great about this is they’re your real breasts. Most of the breast is fat anyway we’re just putting more in.

They move naturally they feel natural, you don’t have to get em replaced. I’m excited to definitely go lingerie shopping for sure. So in 3 months she should look bikini ready. She told me that she hasn’t worn a bikini in a very long time and she wears onepieces and my goal is to get her confident in the bikini. And I know we’ll do it. I would absolutely reccommend this to other women. I feel fantastic and confident. I feel happy, yeah. I just turned 40 so I feel this is a nice gift for the next decade of my life.

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