Three 5 Minute Curls Hairstyles

My hair curled but I also really don’t like spending 30 minutes curling my hair. So I thought I would show you guys the three different ways that I use to curl my hair in five minutes. Our first method we’re going to start off by protecting our hair from the heat. You can use your favorite heat protective for this and then brush it through your hair. Now for this method we’re going to be curling large sections of hair on a smaller iron. So what you’re gonna do is split your hair in half, from the ears up and go ahead and clip the top half out of the way. Then I’m splitting my hair in half and I’m gonna curl each half on a 3/4 inch iron. This kind of evens itself out. You’re using a smaller iron but you’re using a bigger section of hair so it will end up being kind of a normal sized curl. So the most effective way to do this is to wrap the hair around and wait until you feel that all the hair has warmed up, then release it into your hand and hold it in your hand for about 10 seconds and then let it down. Then we’re gonna let the rest of the hair down and I’m splitting each half into three. And that works for my hair type. If you have a lot more hair than I do, you might want to split each half into four just depending on what you need.

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But then I’m just wrapping all these sections away from my face, letting them warm up and then holding them in my hand and letting them down. And that’s what I’m gonna do for all of this. So all my entire of head of hair is just eight curls and you’ll see that it ends up working out really well. You could also use a one inch iron for this and this would give you kind more of a fake blowout look. Or you could use a tapered wand for a more beachy look, just depending on what you have and the result that you’re going for. So now I’m going to do the exact same thing on the other side. Again, if you have more hair than I do, it’s okay for you to need 10 to 12 curls, it’s still going to be a lot faster than any other method. So then I’m going to run my fingers through this to break up the ringlets just a little bit. And I’m gonna hit my hair with a little bit of smoothing spray. This is just an anti frizz spray and it really helps to cut down any frizziness that you might get from combing through your curls. So that’s it for the ringlet version of this hairstyle which is super pretty and I love.

But if you like a messier look, you can always throw your hair over your head and use a little bit of a scrunch spray or a texturizing spray and scrunch your hair with it and then flip your hair back over and you’re gonna have a little bit more of kind of a tousled loose lived in look. Depending on what you like, you can do whichever way you want but it’s still super super quick and super easy. And now onto the next curling method. This one actually starts the night before. You’re going to spritz your hair with a little bit of water or allow it to air dry until it’s just a little bit damp and then you’re going to French braid your hair, starting up at the top of your head and then going down until you get all the hair into it and then just do a normal braid. Now this is technically cheating because it is over night but I braid my hair every night when I sleep anyway so I don’t feel like this is too much extra work. It will still only take you about five minutes in the morning anyway. So after you’ve slept on this, you can go ahead and take it out and you’ll see that some nice waves have warmed over night. Then you’re just gonna go ahead and part your hair where you normally would and then we’re gonna add in just a couple of curls because these waves look really nice but I think if you touch them up with a couple of curls, it can look even nicer. To touch up the curls, I’m going to use the curl attachment for my NuMe Lustrum iron because it gives a nice natural curl and I’m just curling basically along the top of my hair, I’m doing about four or five curls just on the hair that’s next to my part line. And you’ll see once we get all this done that it actually ends up blending really nicely. And that’s all you need to do just those three or four curls on either side of the part and this hairstyle will be complete.

Now if you prefer a little bit of a softer look, this technique will also work with a one inch or tapered iron to make kind of softer looser waves. Now I also curl the ends of my hair, I just did two little curls on the ends to cut down some of frizz that happened from the braid. Then that’s basically it for the curls. to make them really look nice, I went ahead and ran my fingers through it and added in some more of that shine spray just to make sure that we cut down that frizz and then I added in a scrunch spray. Because I really wanted to emphasize the texture of these curls. It looks great, almost like natural curls which I love and I think the scrunch spray really enhances that. So I went ahead and threw that in there and once that was done, the hairstyle was complete. This definitely a nice way to get some beachy curls but I think it’s also a good option for those of you with natural curly hair because it should tame your natural curl and just let you enhance it a little bit. And now we’re onto the final method and this one might be my favorite. You’re gonna start out of course with some heat protectant spray because that is absolutely necessary and then I’m going to make a hair bungee with my hair scrunchie.

So I’m basically just going to put a bobby pin in through either side and you’ll see why I did this a little bit later. So start out by doing that and then you’re going to brush your hair into a really really high ponytail. Then you’re going to stick one of the bobby pins in and wrap the elastic around until your ponytail is held in place and then stick in the other bobby pin. Now switching out my pearl attachment for a one inch attachment and I like this because it gives you a nice soft sultry wave. You can always go with a smaller attachment, if you prefer a tighter wave. Then you’re just going to take sections of your hair and curl it around the iron.

I didn’t use a whole lot of rhyme or reason for this. I took different size sections and I curled them in different directions almost every time but I really like how that ended up. Once I curled them I moved them to other side of my head and that was actually a really good idea because it helped me keep from getting the straight hair mixed in with the curly hair. Have you ever done that because that’s such a pain when that happens. So basically yeah, you just curl the hair from the ponytail and it is that easy. I think I ended up doing about eight to ten curls. And of course I did them in every different way. But you could choose to do them all away from your face or all toward your face if you want a more uniform look. Now it’s time to take out the hair bungee. And this is why we made a hair bungee instead of a scrunchie because we didn’t want to mess up the curls when we took it out. And you’re gonna part your hair again and your curls look amazing already. But I decided to go ahead and just touch up the curls around my face because I really like those curls next to my face so I did those two curls. Then I ran my fingers through everything and ran a little bit of shine spray on my hands and then through my ends which is a good way to do it if you have fine hair. And after that my hairstyle was complete. Again love this one, I think it’s so so pretty. So that’s it guys, I hope you’ve enjoyed this post and I really hope you try out one of these three curling methods. If you do, send a picture to me on social media, using the hashtag KayleyMelissa and maybe you’ll be my subscriber spotlight in my next post. I will see you guys then, I love you very much, muah. Bye.

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