Throwback Thursdays 6 Strand Diamond Back Braid Hairstyles

Hi guys! For those who don’t know us my name is Kerry. And this is my daughter Graycie hi everyone! This blogs all about learning new. And different hairstyles.

So if this is your first time here we would love for you to comment we’ve been getting a lot of requests to clarify some points on the six strand Diamondback braid tutorial since it’s one of our earlier post there are some points that are hard to make out. So we thought that today’s tutorial could be a throwback Thursday where we’ll redo this style. And hopefully address some issues people are having.

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So let’s get started! What you want to do is put our hair in a high ponytail. I went ahead. And wrapped her elastic band with her hair just to make it a little bit more elegant.

The next step is to take the ponytail. And section it off into six equal parts. Okay.

So now, I put it into six equal parts. What you want to do is take the left strand. And you want to skip these two strands right here by going over these two strands.

You’re going to take that left strand over skip these two okay. And you want to take this strand here bring it forward to her face then this one here behind her back right here okay now you’re gonna go ahead. And take this strand here okay the outer right strand.

And this time you’re going to go under the other side was over this one is going to go under these two here by skipping these two you’re going to take the outside strand. And go under okay bring this strand take your brought over right in front of her face. And then this one like that get just to separate them for now you can use Clips but this is much easier okay.

So now that you have these two you’re gonna go ahead. And you’re going to take this strand that you brought under over this strand here okay right here now you’re gonna go ahead. And reposition your fingers into place with the strands that are on the sides okay this position this over here to each of these fingers like that okay again you’re going to take the left strand.

And skip these two by going over over this time you don’t have to worry about separating them because they’re already separated for you as you can see here see. I’m just gonna go ahead. And bring both forward to her face.

And then again, I want to take the right strand. And skip these two here. And go under them bringing them forward to her face.

And then bring them these two the one, I brought it over this strand, I’m going to go over this strand here okay. And then again, I’m just gonna reposition my fingers there, see you got three on each side. And again it’s just all repetitive it gets easier as you go down because it’s on the sides to get your separated they separate themselves all right, I’m going to show you one more time the left go over skipping these two over.

And then forward the right go under by skipping these two bring them forward then you’re going to take it. And criss cross going crossing them over. And that’s all there is to it i’m going to secure it off.

And then, I’m just gonna go ahead. And just tug on the outside of this just gently just gonna tug it. And spread it out then, I’m just going to go ahead.

And hide this elastic band with a Topsy tail. And there you have it this is one of my favorite braids it’s the easiest six strand braid, I have done. And I love it! Thank You So Much for reading let us know if you find this tutorial much easier! Don’t forget this Sunday we’ll be having our very first Q&A! So Bring on your questions about anything! We’ll do our best to answer them.

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And there. We Love You Guys! Until next time, Learn it! Do it!. And Teach it to Others! Bye Guys! Bye.

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