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THROW A MEMORABLE PARTY (HINT: DANCE LIKE THERE’S NO TOMORROW) HOW TO GO ONLINE for Thulane’s top five dream party guests .CO.ZA Man about town and managing director of public relations firm Brand Ambassadors, Thulane Hadebe knows how to host a party you’ll be talking about for years to come, so we invited him to share his party tips with us

CURATE THE BEST POSSIBLE GUEST LIST ‘Bringing the right people together is essential. Be it for dinner or a pool party, every guest should add value. Invite people regardless of any issue they may have with one another, but be cognisant of it. Beautiful people always make for amazing Instagrams. Everyone should bring their A-game.’

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DANCE LIKE NO ONE IS WATCHING ‘You might not have Beyoncé moves, but who cares. Dance like you’re selling it and the rent is due in the morning. There’s nothing better than people letting go of their inhibitions and letting their hair down.

DELEGATE RESPONSIBILITY ‘Don’t know how to cook? Get private chefs to cater. Don’t shu e through your iPod trying to fi nd the latest Calvin Harris song so that everyone gets dancing – hire a DJ. Aesthetics, aesthetics, aesthetics: candles and fl owers instantly take your party from drab to fab. Yes, it sounds lavish, but it can be done even with a cost-conscious budget and it’ll alleviate a great deal of stress.’

LEAVE YOUR DRAMA AT THE DOOR ‘No one likes the Debbie Downer at the party. If you want to have a DMC (deep meaningful conversation), call your therapist. Public fi ghting as a couple is defi nitely a no-no. And, above all, don’t sulk.’

KEEP THE CHAMPAGNE FLOWING ‘Nothing like a little Dutch courage to help everyone get into the mood. Make sure the bar is taken care of by handing it over to sexy barmen – that way you don’t have to deal with the ice that’s run out, or your guest’s Champagne glass not being refi lled with Veuve Clicquot.’

ENJOY THE MOMENT ‘By all means, take pictures and upload them but don’t spend the evening in a corner of the room entranced by your iPhone screen. There’s nothing better than waking up to a gallery of pictures the next morning.’

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