Tied Back Flower Braid Hairstyles

Welcome to our blog if you guys just joined us my name is Sarah. And this is crazy we learned you teacher style. And today, I’m going to show you how to do a tie bag flower braid.

So let’s get started, I started by parting your hair in the middle now, I’m going to take my finger. And run along against the corner of her eyebrow taking a chunk of her hair from there leaving some of this hair down start braiding her hair okay. I’m going to stop here tie this just temporarily then, I’m going to go.

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And start on this side. So now, I’m in the middle of her head, I’m going to take this. And, I’m going to take this one here.

And put it together take this elastic band out that was temporarily holding her one braid okay. So now, I’m going to take her ponytail. And, I’m going to wet it a little bit you can use a little pomade if you don’t want it to get wet.

So now you’re going to take this. And you’re going to make three strands. And you’re going to start your braid.

And every time you do a stitch you’re going to bring out this side or you can do this side whichever way your you prefer but this is that, I’m going to do, I’m going to pull out just paint get just this half of this braid. And begin another stitch pull out again this is going to be repeated all the way down to the end of the ponytail just take a little bit at the end. And make a loop instead of pulling up.

And all the way through just gonna make a loop like this now, I’m going to what you’re going to do is you’re going to take this. And you roll it you tuck it in. And you just we’ll cover it a little bit.

So it stays in place all the way just going to turn it up you’re gonna just twist it all the way around, I’m just going to place it right in the middle of where that last ban is take off bobby pin. And just pin it in place with a little hairspray in. So that the flower just stays in place you can put a little accented jewel in the middle if you like but, I’m just going to leave it like this, I think it’s cute.

And here’s your finish style thanks for reading already comment your link below if you want to see the latest tutorial you can click on the link up here. And we’ll see you next time bye guys.

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