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I wore my hair like this in summer but it was messier and wanted to explore the style again, this time with extensions and slightly tighter braids that start at the middle parting to give me a more structured look. Tight braids are edgier and stronger for winter and when combined with a texture such as a knit or faux fur, they can give you a really slick look, as they frame the face really well and accentuate and open up key features such as the jaw and cheekbones.’

TOP PRODUCT: ‘I love Tresemmé Salon Finish Extra Hold Hairspray, R79.99. It keeps my hairstyle intact for the entire day.’ HOT AND… Whether you long for volume, a silky texture, perfectly straight or curly hair, L’Oréal has every styling need covered with their new Studio Line Hot range.

L’Oréal Studio Line Hot & Go, Hot & Curl, Hot & Big, Hot & Sleek and Hot & Straight, R79.95 each.

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