Timothee Chalamet and Lily-Rose Depp Share an Intimate Kiss on a Rainy New York City Night

Their Own Fairytale

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I remember all the friends jean-michel keith haring antonio lopez so many of them we lost about into leo he had good style, and he, and he always he always was scribbling things for me.


I do not have any of them I think I have a couple. But not the ones that he gave to me though some one is that my mother I remember very well your mother being drawn by you tell me one marvelous memory you have of your marvellous about the late tina my blog one marvelous memory so many new years here was always something quite exceptional dancing on the bar jumping from one end to the other I remember that quite specifically yeah what age were you then oh.

I was probably no more than six five, or six something like that, I did I did gets I did get kisses good night I got put to bed. And then of course I got back up again. Because they were downstairs well you know my dad had the the he had built this um one of the first post cameras in a restaurant, and you could control it with a joystick it was like a bond villain camera, and I used to go up there, and turn it on and.

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All Smiles

But I you know I remember just panning across, and every one small you catch my dad looking directly at the camera I think it is a it is a couple of things that make it it is sort of timeless. But uh you know I love the duck I can not it is it there’s a strong culture everything has been very much thought through over the 45 years that since you know knightsbridge opened in 1968, and I try to do what I can. But you know whenever I run into trouble mr. Chow tells me from his experience what to do what to do how he is, and how he is already done it okay what makes you happy what makes me happy being creative.


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An Intimate Moment

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