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Using mental workout and fitness techniques in competition

After his track career was over, long-distance runner Willie Ketchum became a long-distance truck driver. He continued to be a winner, as the following incident demonstrates.

After several hours on the road, he stopped at his favorite truck stop, went into the restaurant and asked his favorite waitress for his favorite meal: thick steak, baked potato with all the trimmings, chef’s salad with the special house dressing and homemade hot apple pie with a big scoop of ice cream melting over it.

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Just as the waitress was bringing over the meal, four grubby, mean-looking motorcycle punks swaggered into the diner. They spotted the truck driver, went over and sat themselves right down at his table.

One took his steak, picked it up and began gnawing on it. Another took the big salad, poured the whole pitcher of dressing over it and started shoveling it into his dirty mouth. The third took the potato, smashed it up with the sour cream, cheese and bacon bits and started cramming it into his mouth. The fourth dug into the homemade hot apple pie, the ice cream running down his scraggly beard.

Willie sat for a moment, looking at their taunting expressions. They were bigger than he was, and stronger. But Willie was a champion – he knew how to win.

He got up without saying a word, went to the cash register, paid his bill and left. They could hear his big 18-wheeler pulling out of the parking lot.

“Boy, he sure wasn ’t much of a man, was he? ” one motorcycle rider sneered at the waitress.

“No, ” she answered with a shake of her head and a glint in her eye. “And he wasn’t much of a truck driver, either. He just ran over four motorcycles as he was driving out of the parking lot! ”

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