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Then go to sleep from your level.

The first time you wake up during the night or in the morning, program yourself to have this special state of mind during the event.

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Program yourself again just before you start your training session, performance or competition. Take a few moments to enter your level and program yourself just as you did the night before.

When you are training, performing or competing, recall this special state of mind, and imagine your Mental Coach there with you, encouraging you and reminding you to recall this special state of mind. Bring back that special feeling – that “knowing” that you are going to succeed. Recall it. Get back “in the groove.”

Then take it for granted that you are going to perform the way you did when you were very successful – and even better than before. Every time you do this, you will achieve superior results.

Eventually, when you have practiced this enough times and you are very familiar with that feeling of being “in the groove,” it will become automatic. All you will need to do is recall that state of mind of being “in the groove” – and you will be there.

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