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Advice about endurance (aerobic) training has changed through the years.

For a while the experts said that the more intense the training was, the more effective it would be.

Then they said that additional research showed that lower intensity would produce just as much conditioning, while being easier on the feet and joints. So how do you know what is best for you?

You use the same principle we’ve been discussing: Overload your system – even add a little bit extra as a safety factor – then rest so that your body will recover.

But don’t do too much.

Doing too much simply causes fatigue, and your body spends all its energy repairing damage and does not have anything left for overcompensating and adapting to even heavier work.

To learn what is best for you, enter your level and analyze the situation.

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Consider various kinds of endurance exercises. Outstanding endurance exercises include jogging, aerobics, bicycle riding, skipping rope, riding a stationary bike, walking, swimming – something you can do for 20 minutes or more that will cause you to breathe heavier than usual. Wind sprints would not qualify. Weight training is not aerobic, unless it is something like circuit training, where you switch from one exercise to the next without any pauses or rest in between.

When selecting an exercise, consult your coach or trainer, and consider your own personal needs, your fitness level, any problems with your body, etc.

Jogging, for example, can be hard on your knees and ankle joints, so if you have problems in these areas, you should probably choose another activity.

For some people, walking is a relatively strenuous activity. For others, an hour of jogging is relatively comfortable. As always, consult your doctor before starting any exercise program

But in the end, you have to make the final decision for you.

So once you have gotten advice from the experts, enter your level, analyze yourself and your needs, and determine what you think is best for you. Then do it.

But wait – you’re not done yet.

After you go out and train, you need to measure your progress.

If it is satisfactory, continue.

If not, enter your level and analyze the situation again.

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