Change is a part of life, but it is too much to expect that your school-going kid will understand this hard fact and accept it too readily. Be it friends at school or neighborhood kittens, kids take everything in the surroundings as part of their existence. Their small world gets shattered if you suddenly ask them to say goodbye to all that are familiar, and move on. An abrupt move may not be without all the ugly psychological consequences. But that does not mean you will say no to new opportunities. What you need to do is prepare your kids for the big move. Whether you are relocating to Massachusetts or Morrisville, opting for an apartment or a single family home, coping with changes becomes easier for your kids when you make them feel excited about it by emphasizing on the positive aspects of changing the city. Here are a few ways to make your kid look forward to the move.

Make Them a Part of the Decision Making

Break the information well in advance so that it does not look like a bolt from the blue. Explain to them your reasons for relocation, and ask for their opinion. This way, you will make them feel important. They will feel that they are actually helping you to take the decision. As your little ones consider themselves to be a part of the process, they’ll feel more in control of the move.

Get Them Involved

Think of some fun, productive ways to involve the little ones in the move. For example, you can ask the children to Google the new city and make a list of its attraction. The possibilities of exploring a new place and discovering new ways of life will excite them. If your child is too young to surf the Internet, get him involved in some other ways. For instance, ask him to make a list of things that he thinks the family must take to the new city.

Introduce them to the New Place in a Fun Way

Encourage the kids to check out their new school on the Google Map, visit the school’s website as well as the Facebook page to get more information. This virtual introduction can go a long way to ease the transition. Similarly, help them locate parks, restaurants, movie theaters and hobby centers near your apartment home to spark their interest in the new neighborhood.

Help them Cope with Books

Books are a wonderful way to help your kid cope with bidding farewell to their old home, school and friends. Several books tell your child that hundreds and thousands of kids, just like them, feel the same way when it comes to packing bags and pulling up their socks. Here are five books that can help you handle your child’s emotions prior to relocation:

We Are Moving by Diane Schmidt

Berenstain Bears’ Moving Day by Diane Schmidt

Alexander, Who’s Not (Do You Hear Me? I Mean It!) Going to Move By Judith Viorst

Henry and Mudge and Annie’s Good Move By Cynthia Rylant

Moving Day By Ralph Fletcher

Let them have a say in the D©cor of their New Room

Tell your kids what they are to expect from the kid’s room in their new apartment home. Now, ask the children to complete the drawing by arranging furniture and other things in the way they like, and color the furnishing to complete the picture. Encouraging them to do-up their new room will increase their involvement in the process, making them feel good about the move.

Whether you are living in an upscale neighborhood in New York or a quaint Morrisville apartment community, kids behave the same way when it comes to saying goodbye to everything they are leaving behind. So, before you start packing your boxes, talk to your kids and teach them that every cloud has a silver lining.


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