Tobias Nickerl


Relive your childhood memories with this two-in-one, indoor and outdoor use furniture piece. The Rocking Swing created by German designer Tobias Nickerl and French artist Clara Riviere proposes a new breed of intergenerational fun. A hanging leather seat enables swinging while the blades on the side of the frame ensure gentle rocking. The orange coloured ropes knotted on top hold the seat steady. No use of screws or external tools at all.


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Rocking Swing by Clara Rivière and Tobias Nickerl

Tobias Nickerl设计的合二为ä¸ç§‹åƒæ‘‡æ¤…Rocking Swing | 新鲜 ...

Rocking Swing by Clara Rivière & Tobias Nickerl - Design Milk

clara rivière & tobias nickerl combine old and young in rocking swing


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