Top 10 Barbie Hairstyles Of All Time

Top 10 Barbie Hairstyles Of All Time


So it is the same size as the rest probably do that before you put the elastic in. But it will look fantastic. And then you have the options you can either take this, and anchor it to some hair behind your ear. And then it will just be gone all you do to do that you should take some of the hair right here you just put the elastic right there.

And then it is not going to flop out it is not going to come out at all you are going to have it hidden completely out of the way it is nice, and easy that way you can take, and incorporate it into the style put your head up sweet pea, and just grab some bobby pins, and just crisscross them through.

You can put a bow on in there we are just going to penda criss-cross them through anchoring on to the hair that is in the back here this is probably my one of my favorite ways to finish this one it is just kind of tucked behind your ear it is just kind of still there you can tell that it is all abrade it is not a headband, and I think that is why I like this, one a little bit more to finish it like this.

Because they make all those headbands now that are just made it in two braids, and to look like the hair color, and to match this this way it is I did this braid you know it is one hundred percent mean so there you go I like to finish it that way throw a cute little bow in there flower, or something fun like that,, and there you have it thanks for reading thanks for reading please comment.

1. Beehive:


2. Sided Braids:

Sided Braids

3. Side Rise Bun:

Side Rise Bun

4. Bob Cut:

Bob Cut

5. Long Traces:

Long Traces

6. Sagging Bee Hive:

60s Bouffant

8. Sock Bun:

Sock Bun

9. Braided Turban:

Braided Turban

10. Squirrels Tail:

Squirrels Tail

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