Top 10 Long Hairstyles for Oval Faces in 2019

Black Radiance Brilliant Effects Lip Gloss

Another fabulous brand we love is Black Radiance, due to the brand’s high-quality products at affordable prices. The lippies offer endless highly pigmented shades—everything from complementary neutrals to high-octane vibrants. These Brilliant Effects lip glosses are packed with shimmer and vivid color for the ultimate glossy lip. It’s the perfect accent to all your glamorous beauty looks.

Kiss Lash Couture Triple Push-Up Collection

A great pair of lashes can really up your beauty game. We first came across these innovative lashes at The Makeup Show in New York City, and we loved how the Triple Design technology packs three lash designs onto one single strip to give you full, voluminous lashes every time. Another benefit is that the lashes are reusable, so they’re well worth the retail price of S6.99. See the Triple Push Up collection’s eight lash styles at the Kiss website (go to or your local beauty store.

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Hair loss is a very frustrating process—especially for women of color, since our hair is our crowning glory! However, it does help to understand the difference between shedding and breakage. Look very carefully at the hairs that are coming out in your comb, in your brush or on the bathroom floor. Are they equally long, or do they vary in length? If all the length is the same, the hair is shedding, meaning that the hairs are coming out from the root on the inside of the scalp. If the hairs are different lengths, your hair is breaking off at different places on the hair strand.

WHAT CAUSES EXCESSIVE HAIR SHEDDING? It is normal to shed up to 150 hairs from the root (white bulb on the end) per day.

If you are experiencing more hair coming out, then you have excessive hair shedding. This is due to internal causes affecting the hair root inwhich the entire hair strand is removed.

The most common reasons: chronic chem-ical-product (hair relaxers/hair dyes) use damaging hair roots inside your scalp; medications (especially high blood pressure medications, antidepressants, chemotherapy drugs, hormones); hereditary thinning/ balding; hyperthyroidism; hypothyroidism; iron-deficiency anemia; postpregnancy; and, last but not least, stress (if nothing else is found). The person must first understand the underlying reason for the excessive shedding and then seek treatment—which must be internal to reach the root of the hair follicle.

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