Top 10 Long Hairstyles for Raund Faces in 2019

WHAT CAUSES HAIR BREAKAGE? Hair breakage is caused by external damage to the hair strands. The common scenario is dry, brittle hair that breaks off, usually as a result of the following: excessive chemical use (hair relaxers, hair dyes) causing overprocessing; excessive use of styling aids (hair gels, hair sprays, hair greases, etc.), especially those with a lot of alcohol and wax; excessive combing and brushing; excessive heat; and simply not adding enough moisture to the hair every day.

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HOW CAN YOU EVALUATE EXCESSIVE HAIR SHEDDING or HAIR BREAKAGE? If you have excessive shedding from the roots, simply do a hair-pull test by grasping with your fingers and gently pulling 50-100 hairs. One should normally be able to pull only two to five telogen (resting) hairs per pull. This process should be repeated in six to eight areas on the scalp. If shedding is excessive, there is an internal reason that should be fully evaluated by a dermatologist. They may do a hair-pluck test (trichogram), rapidly extracting 15-20 hairs with a rubber-tipped instrument to evaluate them microscopically. If your hair is breaking off, there is damage to the strands. Evaluate one yourself by simply taking a strand and pulling on it; if it snaps off easily with a slight pull, your hair has lost elasticity and is damaged on the outside.

WHAT CAN YOU DO? Try to understand which type of hair loss you are experiencing and get some solutions fast! Hair shedding from the root is usually out of your control because there are internal reasons. However, breakage is from outside damage. I am happy to answer your questions to help you grow your hair back faster, longer, stronger and thicker in thin/balding areas. Whether your hair is shedding or breaking off, hair vitamins are typically made of basic multivitamins that are not specific to hair roots. Get started with the dermatologist-developed BellaNutri hair supplement, which contains a special marine-protein and collagen proprietary natural blend. In either case, please contact my office toll-free 866-711-HAIR (4247) or 301-809-2962 or visit

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Industry veteran Crystal Wright is a celebrity styling agent with more than 20 years in the industry, and she has just released the latest edition of her book, The Hair Makeup & Fashion Styling Career Guide, is a must-have manual for anyone who wants to get into the hair, beauty and styling industry.

The book was originally launched in the 1990s, and it offers invaluable insider advice, tips and secrets for turning passion into profit. The topics that the book covers include: building your online portfolio; pitching and finding opportunities; pricing the services that you offer; and networking.

This latest and seventh edition of the book is updated to include the interactive and social experience for print and e-book formats as well as a ton of exclusives that makeup artists, hair artists and fashion stylists will appreciate. In fact, the foreword is written by Bobbi Brown—a beauty-industry vet in her own right—and it also features insightful tips from such people as Beyonce’s makeup artist, Sir John, photographer Mike Ruiz and styling agent Frank Moore. The book has been highly acclaimed and touted as an essential career guide by pros like artistic director Naeema LaFond and makeup artist Renny Vasquez. “This book was a game-changer for me. It really helped my career,” Renny says.

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