Learn which type of patterns will flatter your size, and which will emphasize it. A small-framed body will be drowned by huge OTT prints. Likewise, a larger lady should stay clear of tiny delicate prints, which will simply get lost on her frame.

The ultimate comfortable and stylish fabric is cashmere, which is also warmer, softer and lighter than all other natural fibres. If you can afford it, choose cashmere above lambswool in winter because it has fantastic insulating properties.


 Now, instead of removing things, the object is to make things smaller, pull them back up, zap them with a laser. However, it has been suggested that some of these flaws (my word) can be corrected by, of all things, diet and exercise. Besides, most of us are already on a diet of some sort. More ofen than not, it has something to do with controlling cholesterol. Which brings up the issue of good versus bad cholesterol. I do not know about you, but that is as difficult for me to understand, much less explain, as hypothesizing the inverse-square law. And this diet usually involves something super nutritious that is soft or liquid and sometimes tasteless. Or green and tasteless, and to stray from this makeupy menu item might do one considerable harm (see Mortality). Maybe. Even so, give me something that is crunchy and full bodied with lots of cheese and sauces any old day.

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