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The mechanics of this interconnection are elaborate and hard to explain, but it is clear that the process really does work. Top haircuts for women The key point is that underlying the physical and mental systems of the body is a refined system of energy which is self-regulating. It generally works extremely well. You sense it in action when you become ill.We usually get better even without taking a medicine. The body heals itself though it might need support when its own natural energy is low.


The healing process is like running a car Modern cars are so efficient that, provided you maintain them properly, give them the right fuel and drive them sensibly, problems seldom arise. Then one night you forget to turn off the lights and the next morning the battery is flat and your car incapacitated:The only way to get it moving again – the only cure – is to get a transfer of energy, in the form of a jump start from another battery. Homeopathy is in many ways just like getting an energizing jump start.

Homeopathy is becoming increasingly popular because of the serious concerns about drugs-based orthodox medicine. Many drugs are toxic and the side-effects in susceptible people can actually be quite unpleasant. Even if the side-effects are not observable, the long-term consequences from the excessive use of drugs are not always fully appreciated. In fact modern medicine seldom cures, and it does not even pretend to. What it does do is alleviate and palliate the symptoms, and manage the illness, but since it addresses the symptoms and rarely the cause, the results are not entirely satisfactory.

Homeopathy is different because it is safe and it does not treat the removal of symptoms as an end in itself. Symptoms are considered as signs of distress or adjustmentThe correct remedy removes the cause of the problem; the symptoms will then fade away. Homeopathy is highly rated because it takes into account the nature of the person. It knows that when two people have been diagnosed as having the same illness, they can actually become ill in quite different ways and will require different remedies to effect a satisfactory cure.

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