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So you guys know on my channel I love to do those Posts where I take one hairstyle, and I style it a bunch of different ways. Well today I’m doing the same thing with clothes. Gonna take this one summer romper and show you a few different ways that you can accessorize it for different occasions. Big thanks to Nordstrom Rack for collaborating with me on this Post. I did a Post over on their channel as well, so if you want to see that you can click the link below. It’s my top summer essentials. Uh, a big thanks to them for sponsoring this Post. So I’m excited to get into my first official fashion Post I hope you guys are too, let’s get rollin’. For today’s key piece I picked this classic feminine romper, and I picked this one because I think the color combination, and the subtle ruffles make it really trendy for this summer.

But of course you can choose any romper or summer dress as your base piece. First let’s take this romper out and about, so like for a girl’s brunch or shopping or something. I started by grabbing these adorable mule slides, their so trendy right now and I love them. I had a bunch to pick from at Nordstrom Rack, but I went with these because they’re both comfortable and chic. Then I added this Cynthia Rowley camera bag. It’s the perfect size for you necessities and I love the floral design next to the stripes. Camera bags have been a really big deal lately, and this one is so cute and it was way less expensive then the $. one I’ve had my eye on.

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Then I just accessorized it with some House of Harlow earrings. By the way one of my favorite designers, and a high version of my five minute ponytail. And there you go. You’re kinda put together summer romper look that will keep you cute and comfortable while you’re out and about. Now let’s transition the romper for a more formal occasion. To dress it up I opted for this loose white jacket, which hits just below the hem of my romper. I think covering up a little bit and adding in those sleek lines helps elevate the whole ensemble. But to bring a little fun back into the outfit I paired these statement heels. I love the blockiness for comfort, and a little bit of extra style, and that pop of red is amazing. And I finished off with another pair of House of Harlow earrings. I love the little dangles on these, and that I found them for which really helps my House of Harlow habit. Paired with a bun, you can see that this romper has totally transformed.

The little ruffly romper that you wore out to get brunch could totally go for an evening get together. So now let’s go the total opposite direction, and head to a summer barbecue. I started with some white tennis shoes this summer staple is a great way to be more laid back and comfortable not to mention their totally great if you’re going to be outdoors as well. And to that I’m adding a distressed denim jacket. Here in LA it gets really cold once the sun goes away, so a nighttime jacket is a must. Distressed denim is definitely a summer essential of mine, and if you wanna see some more of my summer essentials you can actually follow the link in the description box below. Finally, I’m gonna add a bit of rock n’ roll with this studded black crossbody bag. Denim and tennis shoes will always be staples, so I think adding a trendier item like this brings your own personality to the look. And I’m just gonna pair this with some loose effortless waves. And that is your summer barbecue ready look. This one is already on my mind for th of July actually, I think it’d be awesome. There ya go, one summer romper three totally different ways to wear it. I hope you guys enjoyed this Post. If you wanna see some more summer inspiration from me you can check out my top summer essentials over on Nordstrom Rack’s channel, I will link it below. Big thanks to them again for working with me, and supporting this Post, and I hope you guys enjoyed my first official fashion Post. I’ve been sprinkling fashion into some of my Posts, but I finally got the guts to make just a dedicated Post and I hope that you guys liked it. And that’s it for today guys, I’ll see you in my next one. Bye.

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