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Heat is the enemy of hair and hair color. I know it sounds harsh, but heat in any form is bad for hair, including…

Hot showers. It doesn’t have to be freezing cold, but clients have noticed considerably less fading and frizzing when using lukewarm to cool water. Wonder why your hair is so frizzy even though you don’t do anything to damage it? This could be one of the causes.

Sun. Very drying. Natures natural ‘bleach’. To avoid discoloration, fading, and drying out your hair…wear a hat (visors don’t work) when out in the sun. Even running everyday errands in and out of your car affects fading over time, especially in sunnier, warmer climates.

Heat-styling appliances. Blow dryers, hot rollers, and the worst…flat irons. With flat irons, extreme heat is infused into hair from both sides. At least with other appliances, heat is not nearly as concentrated. I know it looks great when you flat iron, but using it too often is very damaging and your hair won’t look good without using it…and you guessed it, leads to excessive fading!

Think of hair magnified as similar to asparagus. When the ‘spears’ are pulled back (dry, porous, damaged) what’s in the hair comes out (protein, hair color, etc) .what’s outside is allowed in (pollution, minerals in our water, etc). In short, heat opens the hair cuticle, color pigment escapes…along with moisture and other good stuff.

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