Topsy Messy Summer Braid

Hey girls Abbey here continuing our suburb rated series and today I have this cute little do that I think it’s fun you can dress it up or down I actually wear this to a friend’s wedding I had I was actually doing the hair and makeup for that wedding and I had five minutes to get my hair ready and I wanted to do something similar to my ultimate boho braid tutorial but I didn’t have time to actually do that tutorial. So I threw this together and I actually like it a little bit better don’t don’t tell anyone but a little bit better and. So I wanted to show you guys how to do X I thought was super cute. So it’s just a little Topsy tail into a -strand braid and I messed it up a lot because that’s kind of what I’ll loving with braids right now and I think that’s it’s super simple if you have trouble following the instructions on the four strand braid.

Topsy Messy Summer Braid Photo Gallery

I’ll going to link my braids encyclopedia and the bottom bar and please go check that out because it’s a lot more detail to actually teaching you how to do this right because it’s a little tricky and yes you can do this with a normal three-strand braid you can even do with a fishtail braid if you want. So that’s it hope you guys like it ha begin by collecting all your hair over to the side I’ll apologize the opportunity gum during this tutorial and then go ahead and secure it with a small band a little on the visible would be the best then pried the hair just above the band open and pull the ponytail through this creates a little Topsy tail then you’re going to pull on the ponytail and just kind of scrunch up the Topsy tail a little bit that helps make it a little Messier and hide the band then you’re going to go ahead and split the ponytail into four pieces because we’re going to be doing a -strand braid then take the piece from the outside.

So we’re going to do first take it under the two next to it please adjust inside that loss section then you’re going to switch it with the one next to it that’s step number two step number three is take one from the other side take it under the two next to it place it right there and then step four is switch it with the one next to it and they’re going to start back over at step one take it one from the outside take it under the two next to it place it just inside right there and then number two is such it with the one next to it three take it from the outside and four cross it over and you’re going to continue that on the entire length of your hair now if that wasn’t enough of an explanation for you if you still feel a little mystified I do have a tutorial on the four strand braid which I’ll link in the blue bar and it will also be in the annotation. So be sure to check that out if you’re confused at all and also if you want to make it easier you could always go for a three strand braid and said or even a fishtail will look really get with this once you get to the end go ahead and secure with the band and that’s how it looks. So far then what you’re going to do is you’re going to mess it up a lot I obviously you guys have seen this little trend with my hair styles lately I like it messy kind of imperfectly perfect hairstyles I think it’s a big thing right now I’ll be I mess it up as much as you want I think it adds to the kind of casual bohemian feel and then if all these I saw frequently asked questions be sure to check these out before you ask me any questions in the comments and that’s it you.

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