Totally Up Hairstyles For Work Nurses And Moms

Today we’re gonna do some hairstyles that have been very requested by you guys which are hairstyles that are great for work if you work in the food service or in nursing and you have to have your hair up and out of the way and just not gonna move all day long but you still want it to look cute. So I came up with these hairstyles that you can do you can wear them with or without a hat if that’s what your job requires and they’re gonna stay in place they would also be good for moms because that way your kids can’t reach and grab your hair because that is not fun either. So that is what we’re gonna do today I hope you guys enjoy it let’s get into it starting off with this Topsy button start by pulling back a little bit of hair on each side and secure it with an elastic then create a twist by flipping the ponytail up and behind the elastic now repeat with another couple pieces of hair now bring the remaining hair into a ponytail and finally twist and wrap the rest of the hair into a bun and there you go.

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I love a quick Topsy tail hairstyle because it feels like something I can do even if I’ll only half awake and then this points if it’s under a hat and now the braided loop start by braiding a section of hair and inch or two back from your hairline then bring all the hair together into a low ponytail split open the hair over the elastic and flip the ponytail up and behind the elastic then braid the hair all the way down finish it off by bringing the braid up and behind the elastic if your hair is on the longer side go for a second loop and pin it in place and there you go this one works with or without a hat I love the braids and that This a super secure hairstyle and now for these triple buns start by making three ponytails.

I’ll gonna start with the center one and then for the sides twist the hair away from the face first and then secure it with an elastic now twist each ponytail into a bun and pin in place and that’s it and finally the zigzag up to pick up a piece of hair on the left side of your hair and braid until it reaches the right side of your head if you need some help in the braiding Department go ahead and hold your place with an elastic now pick up another section of hair on the right side and put it with the braid we already have going and braid to the other side of your head and repeat grab another section of hair on the left and include it in the braid and keep going at this point you’ll have a little bit left on the right side include that into the braid and braid all the way down and secure with an elastic finish the hairstyle by making the braid into a button and if you want you can pull the braids apart a little bit but if you’re gonna be doing a long shift maybe let them loosen and texturize on their own and that’s it this one is really braided but it doesn’t require a ton of French braiding to get an awesome overall look and those are the hairstyles that you can wear for work thank you guys. So much for requesting this and for responding to me on Twitter when.

I asked you guys like what your rules are at your work because that really helps me figure out what to do obviously like I had the two different outfits just for fun you can wear these with whatever work you have going on and it will be great and also if you need more a hat hairstyles I have a post on that which I will link above. So that is it for today I hope you guys enjoyed it don’t forget to like this post and subscribe internal notifications. So you can see more and that’s it for today I’ll see you in my next one bye.

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