Traci Reveals Sadness Over New Season of Braxton Family Values Amid Drama With Tamar

Oh the fans can expect a whole lot of laughter, and fun times, and sad times, it’s the same thing with the practices all over again. But with different people today I think I know for myself. I love Tracy, and we’ve traveled in the same circles for years, and she’s always been fun you know I always say the DMV diva with the you know sweet southern belle, it’s a lot of sassiness, and craziness going on. So you know I was just excited to have these great adventures, and then when you put Flavor Flav in the mix oh that’s some gumbo work well I’ve been a fan of the Braxtons for a very long time you know what I’m saying I’ve always been a big fan of Tony definitely you know what I’m saying, and I know then I became a big fan of this show as well. You know what I’m saying. So uh when I was asked to come on the show I mean it was like I I couldn’t believe it for a second. Because you know I’m a big fan of the Braxton all I’m saying, and finally when I got to the set, and got to meet Tracy you know I’d be you know I got a little star-struck ain’t gonna lie you know in the whole nine. But but it was an honor to be here they’re doing the show with Tracy, and meeting Phaedra for my first time who was a nut who’s a piece of work I swear I hope you know what no. I mean I am in a very happy place, and the glow-up is real. So you know being with Tracy I was honored that you know I was able to be a part of her journey. But I’m enjoying my time of having some privacy, and just being a mom, and being a lawyer, and you know having a moment to just breathe everything moved I don’t know when, it’s gonna happen I’m like how are you gonna get married you don’t even have a wedding dress time Tony what’s going on. But then that way I’m gonna be lit, it’s gonna be liquor man my sunflower seeds cuz I’m be eating my sunflower seeds gonna be interesting, and say having popcorn oh the sunflower seeds gonna be alive you.

Traci Reveals Sadness Over New Season of Braxton Family Values Amid Drama With Tamar Photo Gallery

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