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Gliding Hamstring Curl, start off in a bridge pose with your heels on the blanket. Lift the pelvis, tighten the glutes, and lenghten the tailbone down. Slowly extend the legs out, and lower the pelvis. On an exhale dig the heels in, and start to pull the blanket towards yourself, lifting the pelvis back up. The goal is to do this exersise on a slow 4 count in both directions, for 60 to 90 seconds. Gliding Lunge, step the foot of the right leg forward and the ball of your left foot back on the towel behind you. Keep your back heel high, and the back leg straight, and then slowly start to lunge down into the front leg as you press the towel behind you. Anchor into the front heel and the ball of the back foot, and slowly begin to extend that through the front leg, working the glute and the backside of the leg on that right side. Wrap the back outer thigh forward, and the outer glute forward as you extend so that the hips stay level and facing the front. Gliding kick, if we’re focusing on the right leg we’ll assume the lunge position on the right side. Find an asymmetrical hold into the right leg, and keep the spine on the forward hinge.

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Slowly begin to bend the back knee, and pull the back thigh and towel forward. Press into the ball of the back foot, and extend the leg back. The focus here is to maintain the asymmetric hold in the right leg, and stabilize the knee over the heel as you create movement with your back leg. Split Lunge, find a 90 degree angle in both legs, and if we’re focusing on the right side have your right leg forward. Keeping the spine straight, find a slight hinge forward from that front hip crease. Slowly begin to lower both legs down towards the ground, and keeping the hinge press into the front heel and extend up only halfway. The hinge forward brings more of the effort into the glute of the front leg. The muscles contract and lengthen to control the decent, and they contract and shorten as you slowly lift up. Side Arm Balance with Leg Lifts. Focusing on the right side, come into a side arm balance with that right hip facing down. Keeping that right hip lifted, slowly begin to raise and lower your left leg on a slow 4 count in both directions. The goal here, is to prevent the pelvis from dropping so you’re working your hip abductors on both sides, while maintaining that asymmetric contraction on the right.

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