Traditional Chinese Treatments

Traditional Chinese Treatments

In traditional Chinese medicine there is no rule that anything alleged to be used will always be good or safe. Some non-prescription herbal mixtures contain poisonous substances such as mercury and lead. Make sure you buy and use herbal products prepared under the supervision of a trained and certified Traditional Chinese Medicine specialist.

Measuring your fever
In certain situations where the elements on the outside affect the elements in your body, you are more susceptible. Hot, cold, damp, dry weather or wind are often factors that can escape your enjoyment. Too hot; constipation, inflammation, fever, gastrointestinal distress, and asevening dresses.

Too cold; diarrhea, low blood pressure, joint pain and indigestion. Excessive humidity; nausea, appetite and watery stools. Extremely dry air; it can end up with loss of fluid in the body, dryness of the skin, dry cough and solid stool.

Excessive exposure to wind; vertigo (a kind of dizziness), weakness in your immune system and tremor problems.

Again, a trained Traditional Chinese Medicine specialist can help you, and if your underlying problem is one or more of these problems, then internal and external elements offer a balancing treatment method.

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