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We’re gonna make sure you have a safe and comfortable flight. – Hi, everybody! I’ve made it to New York in one piece. It is currently 9:00 p.m. and your girl is starving. I am actually here because I partnered with Innisfree. I am doing a meetup at their grand opening store in New York. I only brought one suitcase which is a big feat for me because normally like no matter where I go, no matter how long I’m staying, I always take two bags. I’m just such an overpacker. But this trip it just didn’t feel right to have like two big suitcases. So yeah, I minimized. I’m actually going to head on out to dinner so I’m gonna put some makeup on, get freshened up. I also forgot to pack fake eyelashes so I’m gonna go to the corner store and grab them. I’m here with Vanan. If you guys don’t know who she is. I don’t think I’ve actually ever like introduced you guys to her, but Vanan is the junior manager at the management company that I am with, Rare Global.

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So yeah, I speak to her every single day and so this is like our first trip out together so it’s been really nice to like hang out and catch up. I gotta get ready because I’ve got.. Wow, it’s already 9:19. Wow, time is flying by right now, guys. – [Podcaster] Only bringing what I could carry in my backpack. Once again, I felt the lightness of having so few things.. (calm music) – Hello! I am back from dinner. Vanan and I had food at the NOMO. It’s just like right across the street from here. And it was just really nice and I really, really enjoyed having the little one on one with her. I don’t know, I feel like whenever you have settings with a lot of people, it’s just easy for things to just be very surface level, so I’m just really happy that I got to have some one on one time with her. I also got a couple of things that I needed from the drugstore. First up, I got this top coat from Sally Hansen. I think I’m gonna repaint my nails.

I actually got them done at the airport. They had this really quick 20 minute gel system. But I’m just not digging like this translucent look. And luckily I packed in one of my Oribe nail polishes that I wanted to try. So I’m just gonna paint that and then put this layer over it. I grabbed a pack of Simple wipes. Fake eyelashes. First, I’ve got these ones by Ardell, these are just the Demi Wispies. I also saw this brand, it’s called Eylure and I saw Nikki Phillippi so I was like holy crap, I gotta support. So I got these ones which are the wispier ones, more spaced out, so I thought these would just be a really nice, like natural fluttery lash for, you know, the future. And then I had to get these. I cannot escape the chips. I’m probably gonna eat these in like 15 minutes or so. I’m gonna just take my makeup off, read some hotel TV, and munch on these. Alright, so now I’m just gonna take off all my makeup because I hate having my makeup on, especially when I’m just lounging. So I’m gonna remove all that.

Now that I have bangs, I have to have this little headband because it just, you know, tucks everything away. Think I might go shopping tomorrow. There’s like a Reformation right over there, the Top Shop, opening ceremony. So (gasps) I’ve got like the shopping itch right now. So I just cleansed my face and I’m just gonna try out this Innisfree mask. They sent me a ton of masks so I’m really excited to try this out. This is the It’s Real Squeeze Mask. Whenever I travel, I love to put on sheet masks because my skin can get a little temperamental after the plane, so I want to really make sure that it’s in tip top shape for tomorrow. Oh, this one’s nice, it just sticks right on. There’s a lot of face masks that I use where it’s like so thick that it just refuses to stay on. So you leave this on for 10 to 20 minutes. Nice. (groans) My knee. Good night. (calm music) Just ordered the avocado toast and also I got a cappuccino but clearly I don’t get cappuccinos very often because I had no idea there would be so much milk. I think I mistook this for Americano.

Whoopsie daisy. Good morning! You guys, lighting is so nice. I’m blessed because this room has these huge windows and it makes it just perfect for posting. So I just cleansed my face, there’s nothing on it, and now I’m gonna apply this serum from Innisfree. It’s their intensive hydrating serum with green tea seed. So this is the first product I’m gonna apply after cleansing. Kind of like wash off, tea on. This formula really helps reduce your skin’s tightness after you wash and it just really adds a great balance of moisture back into your skin. And I believe it’s a blend of green tea and green tea seed oil. So now that my serum is on, I’m going to put some sunscreen. Even though it’s cloudy, there’s still UV rays out there. This sunscreen also feels very serum-like. Smells kind of citrusy as well. I genuinely forgot how good milk tasted because I only drink my coffee black. But today I decided to be adventurous and order a cappuccino, thinking that it was an Americano. And then I took a sip and I was like holy crap, this is just frothy milk with a splash of coffee.

I’m just gonna go straight into concealer now. I’m using this one from Colourpop. It is their no filter concealer. I think it’s so funny how I came here right as Fashion Week ended. I’ve actually been really enjoying reading Fashion Week just on social media. I had zero FOMO and I think I’m finally at an age where I don’t really get affected by FOMO anymore. I’m just genuinely happy for the people that got to go and I like reading the shows on my phone in the comfort of my own bed. It’s just nice. The last Fashion Week I went to was last year in February and, guys, winter in New York is so miserable. Especially for an LA girl. It’s really hard for me to dress for the weather because it’s just so painfully cold. I remember last time, me and Ben, we were trying to go to this restaurant that was only like a block away from our hotel and it was a struggle getting out there. The wind just felt like shards on our face and I wanted to just have like a ski mask and just a bunch of puffers on me. And the last thing I was thinking about was, like, is my outfit cute? Because it was just way too cold. Now that this is done, I’m gonna set everything with a powder. I’m using Laura Mercier translucent powder.

Turns out my friend Danny is also gonna be in New York, or is also in New York right now, she just landed. If I had known she was gonna be in New York, then I would have extended my trip a little bit. My flight is at 10:34. It’s like a 24 hour trip pretty much. But if I had known she was gonna be here, I would have like at least stayed the night. So if you guys don’t know who Danny is, she’s the one who lives in Toronto and she’s the one who creative directed my Eggie editorial lookbook. She’s a Scorpio, so we just get along so well. I don’t fully really care about horoscopes that much but I don’t know, why is it that I get along with every Scorpio that I meet? Maybe because my moon sign is a Scorpio. Now I’m gonna go in with brows. I’ve been using this stay all day waterproof brow color from Stila. So what I do is I’ll only use it for the meat of my brows. This is just a really great product that does a nice gradient. Now that’s done, I’ll go in with Benefit’s Goof Proof brow pencil and then I’ll just start drawing the rest of my brows. Okay. I don’t really fuss over them too much these days because now that I have bangs, it just covers them. But I still like to draw them in because you never know if like the wind’s gonna blow or something.

I wanna make sure that something’s still there. It’s time for eye shadow. I’m using this palette from Colourpop, it is their I Think I Love You. So I think I’m gonna go in with this rose gold color. Yeah, I’m not sure what Danny and I are gonna do. I think we’re just gonna catch up. I just kinda want to go shopping for an outfit because of course everything that I packed, I suddenly don’t want to wear anymore. I’m reading this book called Wild. It’s about this girl who goes on this backpacking adventure on the Pacific Crest Trail and she only packed the things that she genuinely needs, like fleece socks, a whistle, water purifier. I would love to do something like that one day because, you know, I really enjoy being around nature and I like hiking and stuff but I’ve never actually done anything intense like that before. Okay, so now I’m getting Level Up, let’s do this. Okay. Here we go. Okay, so I’m gonna go back into Rule Breaker. And then getting a dense brush, I’m gonna pop that kind of like here in the inner corner of the eye. So now using this flat brush, I’m gonna go in with that brown shade and I’m just gonna smoke it out.

So I’m pretty happy with the eye shadow. I think it’s really gonna come together when I apply these falsies. But right now, I’m gonna do a little cat eye using Kat Von D’s tattoo liner. Can’t believe it’s already my birthday month, it’s insane. Virgo season! I actually rented a cabin in Big Bear. I’m not the type of person who waits for someone to surprise me or plan something out for me. I am, I’m like very much a Virgo. I just like to get shit done and if I want something to happen, I’m gonna do everything in my power to make sure that it does. I got this huge cabin in Big Bear and it’s gonna be so nice to have all my friends there and it’s gonna be just like a big sleepover! There’s gonna be games, there’s gonna be food, and there’s like a hot tub in the living room, so I think that’s gonna be really fun. Okay, so I just applied Lancome’s cils booster and while that’s drying, gonna contour. This is Tarte’s Pro Glow palette. I’m gonna go in with Sculpt. I’m just gonna chisel away. Since I’m born on the 22nd, I’m a Virgo-Libra cusp and I really identify with both signs. I know a lot of people just like to like brush zodiacs off but I feel like they’re fun to read because you’re just more aware of all the different personality traits out there. So Virgos are really meticulous and they love structure, they love scheduling, and I feel like that’s where I get my organization side.

And Libras, they’re very social creatures. They love making sure that everyone’s taken care of and I definitely identify with that. Ben is also a Libra and he’s just like Libra to a T. For blush, I’m using this one by Tarte. I’ve already hit pan. Just gonna pop that apples in my cheeks. And then for highlighter, I’m using Strobe. Around the nose. For lashes, I’m using Urban Decay’s Trouble Maker and I’m gonna use this for the bottoms and a little bit on the tops. I’m not like a die hard zodiac fan and it’s not like everything’s set into stone. And I truly do feel like whatever sign you are, there’s something that you can relate to. So whether I was a Leo or a Taurus or a Sagittarius, there’s all something that we can relate to and that’s the beauty of it. Alright, lashes are on. I guess we’re done. I’m gonna do my lipstick..

Oh, I guess I should do my lipstick now. I’ve just applied the lip color and it’s just kind of like my lips but better shade. It’s like kind of like a glamorous look. I enjoy it. Just gotta work on my bangs and then we’ll be off to go see Danny! And also Kristen. Everyone’s telling me to do like Korean see through bangs but I feel like I have too much bang to do that. Or I guess, I feel like this is like the Korean see through bangs. It’s like a couple of strands and then.. I feel like I look so weird, okay? I would rather just have a full bang, you know? Before I forgot, I had to do a little room tour of the hotel. I’m staying at the 11 Howard. So over here is the hallway, you enter right over there. Check out this beautiful room. Little workstation. The most comfortable bed in the entire world. View of New York from here.

Over here, you’ve got the bathroom. So beautiful. Oh my god. You guys, it is so hot. (calm music) Three Musketeers! A little reunion. We had like a little frantic shopping session at Reformation. – But isn’t it always frantic? I feel like whatever, you’re like I got this, that, that. But yo, you look– – I know. Got all Reformationed out. (calm music) You guys, the entire wall is made out of real plants. They put in an irrigation system to water it as well. The future. Alright, guys, here I am at the Innisfree store in Union Square and the meetup is about to begin! (calm music).

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