Shoes can help give the appearance of a taller, slimmer silhouette and a better posture. Flat shoes can be clumsy and make you more flat-footed, while high stilettos make you totter. A medium-sized heel will do wonders for the way you hold yourself.

If you dread the thought of summer dressing because of telltale under-arm stains, invest in sweat pads, which stick easily into the armpit area of your clothes and stop dampness coming through.


Creating your own business means you’re vulnerable to the business not working out, but it also effectively means the sky is the limit. There is no glass ceiling. Looking back, my upbringing living with my four sisters and my strong mum has really influenced the jobs I have had over the years. I love women, and have worked for and with them my whole life. My years working with women is clothing brands involved connecting with all sorts of women across New Zealand, from a staffing perspective and a customer perspective, often spending time with them in one of their most vulnerable states: trying on clothes in front of a mirror! I learnt so much that helped me later when it came to setting up my own business. I suppose I am your classic ‘self-taught’ woman I have no formal qualifications, just a solid background in on-the-job common sense, social skills and sales and marketing know-how that a career in retail provides. Working for a finance company helped teach me the basics of financial reporting, setting budgets, understanding profit and loss statements and, most crucially, the importance of knowing where every dollar is coming in from and going out to. DREAMS ARE FREE When I was weighing up whether to leave my secure day job to pursue Motivate Me full time, it was ultimately my husband Jason who gave me the motivation to ensure it would be a success. He said that I wasn not allowed to leave my job until my own business could provide me with a salary comparable to the one I was on, and in doing so gave me the push I needed to give it my all and make sure the business would work. I was annoyed with this little rule of his as I just wanted to run my dream business, but we obviously had bills and a mortgage to pay and leaving my job to chase a dream before it was viable would have had a negative impact on the family income and the standard of living that we had worked so hard to build.

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