Trendy haircuts for boys

This is a big one! If your hair is naturally curly, coarse, or your hair is very dry, damaged…DO NOT towel dry your hair excessively. We naturally think we need to get as much water out as possible after a shower. Squeeze dry just enough so your hair is no longer dripping. Immediately apply a heavy cream, let air dry for a bit, and style as usual. You’re sealing much needed moisture in. Wow! Amazing results! Products I like: MoroccanOil Styling Creme, oi Intense Curl Creme.

If your hair is very dry…always use a moisturizing conditioner. Use protein-based products ONLY if your hair is over-processed and breaking off. Protein strengthens the hair but can be very drying. Always follow protein products with a moisturizing conditioner. Products I like for moisturizing and strengthening: Joico’s K-Pak line has everything you need. A bit more expensive, but well worth it.Olaplex #3, coupled with your favorite moisturizing conditioner.

Avoid brushing. It breaks the hair. Light reflects best when hair is smooth…brings out the variance and dimension in your hair color. If your hair is a tangled mess, use a large tooth comb, detangler, and find a new colorist! Product I like: It’s a 10 leave-in spray conditioner. They have two types…the purple cap is for moisture, the orange for repair. Only use the orange if you’re experiencing breakage.

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