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A Straw Set

What you need:

A large package of drinking straws

Setting lotion

End Wraps for curling hair

Large size bobby pins (3 inches or more in length)

Spray bottle filled with water and setting lotion

A hooded dryer.

The Straw Set:

Step One: Cut straws in half.

Step Two: With freshly washed hair, saturate your hair with setting lotion and section off into 4 to 6 parts.

Step Three: Starting from the nape, part your hair into 1-inch sections.

Step Four: Wrap the ends of one section with End Wrap curling paper

Step Five: Wind your hair around the straw and secure with a bobby pin, inserting the bobby pin at the roots of the hair first. (Hair should be soaking wet, if your hair starts to dry, spray with water/setting lotion mix).

Step Six: Continue rolling sections from nape to front.

Step Seven: When finished rolling, sit under a hooded dryer on a medium to hot setting for approximately 1 hour or more depending on the length of your hair or how quickly your hair dries.

Step Eight: Style and shape your curls as desired.

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