Trendy hairstyles for women over 50

You are going to repeat this process for however long it takes to completely have chemically free hair. It can be a successful way to transition if you have the patience and dedication to do it properly.

What about Weaves and Wigs?

You can use weave and wigs with your hair cornrowed underneath as a protective styling method and simply follow the Transition Process with Protective style’ described earlier. However, I believe weaves and wigs are not your best option. Wearing a weave or a wig won’t prepare you for the realities of living with natural hair. Weaves and wigs keep you in your comfort zone. Allow your hair to breathe and don’t cover it up. Live with your real hair regardless of its dual textures so that you can at least get used to what it feels like and what it looks like. You need as much time and experience to get reacquainted with your true self. Wearing fake hair masks your true self and doesn’t leave you in the right mindset to prepare you for what lies ahead.

Another alternative to wearing protective styles is flat ironing. In this method your natural growth is flat ironed or pressed to mimic the look of your straight, processed ends. Over-use and excessive heat styling is damaging. But more importantly, it’s yet another option that keeps you in your comfort zone. I would suggest avoiding straight styles during the transitioning period to allow you to get used to your new coils.

Instead of straight styles, how about mimicking your coils? Roller or straw sets are a good alternative if you don’t have a lot of natural growth yet. A curly style can mask the two different textures nicely.

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