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The human hair and scalp are acidic in their natural state. This natural acidity prevents fungus and bacteria from multiplying and causing disease and disorders in the hair and scalp. It also keeps the outer layer of the hair cuticle lying flat and as smooth as possible by causing the cuticle layers to tighten and shrink close around the shaft, making the hair shaft smoother, shinier and better able to protect itself against damaging chemicals and pollutants. Many soapy products and pollutants in the air – with few exceptions – tend to be alkaline. A substance that is alkaline will cause the hair cuticle to open more and to allow moisture to evaporate and dry out the hair strand. However, a substance that is too acidic will eat away at the hair and cuticle. Just a slight amount of acidity in the hair rinse will return the cuticle to its contracted position where it is protective of the inner layers of the hair -as little as a teaspoon of lemon juice in a liter of water.

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It is especially important for people with tightly curled hair to return their hair to a slightly acidic level as the cuticle in very curly hair is more likely to be open by its structure. Examples of products that are naturally acidifying include aloe vera or lemon juice diluted with a lot of water in a bottle and then either used as the final rinse or sprayed over your hair to close and smoothen the cuticle. You can also add the aloe vera to your normal conditioner and apply the mixture to damp, washed hair. (Make a fresh mixture each time you wash your hair).

Remember three key things you want to watch out for as you clean your hair

Part your hair into sections and wash a section at a time to avoid knotting.

Wipe your hair dry with a towel but don’t leave the towel on for too long; cotton is well known for absorbing moisture. You want moisture left in your hair.

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